1935 Ford 5-Window Coupe

img_1001 I bought my 1935 Ford 5 window coupe in 1960 when I was a junior in high school from the original owner. He had put it up on blocks in his garage in 1942, and it rested there until I purchased it. Yes, it is my first car which I was fortunate enough to keep for 56 years now and still counting.


The car has been through a few updates over the years and most recently I finished a rebuild of the car in 2012. Currently my ’35 Ford is equipped with: a 1995 Corvette LT-1 engine, 4L60E Automatic transmission, 1969 Mustang 9″, 4 wheel disc brakes, Mustang II front cross member, tubular A arms, cruise control, Air Conditioning and more.

Doyce Lockhart
Burbank, Washington

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8 Responses to “1935 Ford 5-Window Coupe”

  1. Ralph Merrow Jr
    Ralph Merrow Jr

    Unbelievable, what fortitude to hang onto this car. Very nice except for the engine. :-))

    • Barry

      I agree. I understand the “different strokes for different folks” thing, but I prefer a Ford to be all Ford. I’m currently looking for a early Hot Rod and many are dismissed right away when I look at what is under the hood.
      But kudos to keeping this car for so long. A testament of devotion.

  2. Jim

    I have a 1935 Chevy coupe all steel pro touring by Barry white that ford is gorgeous keep on enjoying your ride