1946 Dodge WC Pickup

I bought this barn find in February of 2017. It needed everything. So far we’ve got the engine running, and all safety issues fixed (Including: brakes, tires, wipers, etc). It is a 1946 Dodge ½-ton WC model. I completely rewired every thing and all seems to work well for a 6-volt system. Stopping isn’t the best so have to see what I need to do to improve braking. Body is pretty good except the bottom of both doors. Waiting for winter to break so I can get started on the bodywork.

Don Crabtree

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6 Responses to “1946 Dodge WC Pickup”

  1. Jesse

    We’ve got a 57 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 purchased in the 70’s
    in the U.K. driven 30 years or so and now it’s a barn ( our barn) find. Can you fix it?

  2. Ron Megregian
    Ron Megregian

    I just bought a ’47 Dodge 1/2 ton. It is running, body is OK, but needs electrical work, wipers, blinkers, etc. Have you thought about converting to 12 volt? I hate to alter from original but 6 volt systems just don’t work that well. ??

  3. *Starvin Marvin
    *Starvin Marvin

    nice 46..will be a great little truck……got my eye on a 46 3/4….hope someday i can buy it……….CONGRATS on a fantastic barn find…like to color also…Marvin n Tennessee….

  4. stephen hamilton
    stephen hamilton

    I bought project 46 wc with the fenders removed ,bed in parts inner fenders removed looking for information on reassembly

    • Al

      I have a 46 Dodge pick up
      And had any luck finding any literature to help on restoring the truck to original . Putting the box and bed together was lot if guess work I went through. Have you had any luck finding any manuals in putting these trucks together ?