1946 International KB3

One of my two retirement projects, this is a 1946 KB3 International with a Railway Express Agency delivery body. I found this in the trees on an abandoned farmstead in North Dakota that I hay every summer. My father-in-law used to rent the farm before he retired and knew the family. He made a call from the nursing home to a descendent of the family that owned the farmstead and it is now mine. The truck was last licensed in 1957 in Minnesota.

The story is that relatives of this North Dakota family bought the truck in Minnesota to take into Canada. They were stopped at the border, so brought it back to the relatives farm in North Dakota and parked it where is sat until I moved it 3.5 miles to my farm last summer. Although there were many Railway Express Agency delivery trucks, it doesn’t appear there are many left, especially with an International clip. So, I am learning about 40s Internationals as I try to find the needed components to get it back to rolling condition. Just got a running flathead straight six Green Diamond 214 cubic inch engine for it last week. I’ve only seen one other International clip on at REA body to this point. Others I’ve seen are Chevys, Fords, and Dodges.

Knut Gjovik
North Dakota

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3 Responses to “1946 International KB3”
  1. Larry Buckmiller

    Hi Knut part of my family are from the Driscol, Steele North Dakota area on those old farms you can find all kinds of goodies some times in the yards or in the tree’s behind the house or barn you made a good find. When I read your story the old memories all came back to me….the farm great place a great quiet place
    s of these old farms that have gone belly up

  2. wmiller263

    This truck is beautiful. Look at those hood lines. Don’t remember if I’ve ever seen the International models though. I’m very excited for you. Please brother, post some more pictures, you made me hungry for more. Wild Bill