1956 Ford Victoria

Here is a photo of my ‘56 Ford Victoria, It is powered by a 292cu.in. Ford Y-block engine and a Fordomatic automatic transmission. This car was a (shock) Christmas gift from My Favorite (only) Daughter and son-in-law. This great looking car is certainly not a show car but a very presentable, good and fun driver.

The Victoria is a regular at the start-finish line for the annual Mt. Taylor winter Quad event. This photo was taken recently in front of the Grants, New Mexico Uranium Mining Museum head frame, January 2018.

James Duck

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5 Responses to “1956 Ford Victoria”

  1. jim

    i am 77 years old now, but when i was 21 i had a orange and white victoria,3 on the three,twin glass packs 292,holly4.great car wish i had it back. i could win a street 1/4 mile against a265 chev but the 327s beat me every time.they were the good old days.thanks for the memory.

  2. Sam

    Looking for a replacement roof rail gasket for 1956 Ford 4 door hardtop. Can locate the 2 door h/t roof rail gasket but 4 door is like hen’s teeth. Would appreciate suggestions for alternate(s) that has/have been used successfully.
    Central Texas

    • marty

      I know what your going threw i have been looking for them Steele rubber products will make one for you you have to send originals to them but they wont give a price until the get them please let me know since i have to budget for them that is the only thing holding up so i can reupholster

  3. Steven Fischer

    My first car back in 1964 was a “56 Fairlane Victoria black and red 292 v-8. Bought it from my dad for $1.00
    to keep sales tax low low. Saw the identical car, color and all, at classic car auction 2 yrs ago..pristine condition. It sold for $24,000. not to me though