1958 Chevrolet Impala

Here is a photograph of my 1958 Chevrolet Impala. I bought the Impala at the Pomona Swap meet in 2000, it was mostly in boxes and primer with the original paint under.

I did all the restoration work myself with the exception of the custom interior and exhaust system. It has a 348 cu.in. W-head engine that is bored .060 over, balanced and line bored. Engine improvements over stock include a mild Comp cam, MSD ignition and Edelbrock EFI, which is backed up with a Chevrolet 700R4 automatic transmission and Strange 3.55:1 rear axle.

Other improvements include disc brakes, sway bars, coil overs and global west rear suspension it handles and stops. A look inside and you will find Vintage A/C with custom vents, 1 off custom gauge package from Classic Instruments and custom interior.

Don Jones
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13 Responses to “1958 Chevrolet Impala”
  1. Richard Waltermeyer, Jr.
    Richard Waltermeyer, Jr.

    Sweet! I always liked the ’58 Impala. It seemed like more of a precursor to the ’60 than a follow-on from the ’57.

  2. David Gonsor
    David Gonsor

    When you no longer want your beautiful 58 let me know I’m just finishing an addition to my garage I’m sure I can find room enough for it thank you for sharing

  3. John Schafer
    John Schafer

    Looks great, restoring 1956 Chevy Belair, original in line 253 6 cyl. Have questions on 2 tone original paint. NASCAR blue and India white..inside trunk and underside hood for engine compartment.??Thanks

  4. Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson

    As a 58 owner I love the way your car sits. What are wheel/tire size(s). Thanks.

  5. Vicente Ochoa
    Vicente Ochoa

    beautiful 1958 Impala; I have a 1958 Chevy Biscayne, it is in very good shape!

  6. Ray

    Hey nice car
    I have a question I have a 58 del ray with a283 auto 2spd I was wondering if you knew what trans fits the gen1 v8 I see you put the 700r4 in you had a348 is the trans bolt pattern the same did it bolt right up with no problems thank you

  7. gary gunderson
    gary gunderson

    I bought my 1958 impala July 1 1958. It is original and a 6 cyl. Snowbird white with an aqua interior. Anyone have any idea how many 6 cyl’s were made. I heard 1 estimate at 300 of the 60000 that were made.
    Mine was made in Janesville Wisc.

  8. Ed Salamon
    Ed Salamon

    I have a new origami 1958 Chevy Convertible top in a box and I am interested in selling .
    Contact me via my e-mail,

  9. Nick Guerrera
    Nick Guerrera

    I have a 58 chevy impala 2 dr ht sport coupe it needs undercarrage restoration.
    mounts to chassie ae rusting and dryed out. please help. thank you in advance.

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  10. Nick Guerrera
    Nick Guerrera

    I have a 58 chevy impala 2 dr ht sport coupe it needs undercarrage restoration.
    mounts to chassie are rusting and dryed out. please help. thank you in advance.

  11. Eric Yahnke
    Eric Yahnke

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and have a question I’m hoping someone can help me with. I’m putting my 58 impala back together with a big block 454 and am looking for headers that will fit between the frame rails. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks