1962 Cadillac

I started the restoration from an ugly duckling found in a farmer’s field in October of 2016. Located just outside of Calgary Alberta, Canada the car had sat for years and much of the body was covered with a patina of rust and flaking paint. After bringing it home, new lifters, ignition, carb and fluids soon had it purring like a kitten.

I wanted to build my new Caddy with a real custom flavor, and have installed air suspension, shaved the outside door handles, and installed disk brakes. I only have a couple of hours most evenings to work on it, but I am pleased with my progress so far. I still have work to do, but most recently squirted it down with several layers of Nukezilla Chameleon paint, that I am not sure if I like yet, but perhaps it will grow on me.

David Smith

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14 Responses to “1962 Cadillac”
  1. Jim duffy

    ’60,’61 & ’62 CAddies are my favorites , so hats off to you for bringing this one back to life !!

  2. Jay

    I like it looked “silver” with all old paint and rust gone. Think the Caddy would great in silver/platinum and 17 inch wheels

  3. Bill

    Looks great David. I redid the seats. Thanks Dave……Bill Accent Upholstery

  4. Dan

    I agree that the 1961-62 Cadillacs are some of the prettiest Cadillacs out there! I have been looking for one myself. But there are not many out there worth purchasing. Good luck as you complete your labor of love.

  5. Jerry

    Looks great.i have a 64..6200 series..I love it.they don’t make them like that anymore..

  6. William

    I had a 4 do 62 a few years ago. What a highway cruiser! Hard to keep within 70 mph speed limits on open highway. Vacuum system is a problem area when hoses are old and leaking makes door locks hard to operate. Great car and weighs three tons too!

  7. William

    My dad had a 63 coupe, it was a great car he sold it before he passed without asking me first. I would have loved to own it. Enjoy yours. Bill

  8. Luis

    I had a 1961 series 62 4 doors I would like more tips to put my car like new I love Cadillac cars I have 3 Cadillac 74 deville and 85 deville

  9. Brian Engle

    This is my favorite Caddy! Work on it looks great plz post pictures of finished project when you get there!