1964-72 Chevelle Big Brakes

Baer Brakes has just released their new “Classic Series” brake kit for early Chevelle’s.

These great brakes feature an aluminum 2-piston pad guided front caliper, mounted to an 11” rotor and is a direct bolt on for early GM A-body cars.

Classic Series will feature front and rear packages, red powder coated calipers, braided brake hoses, slotted and drilled rotor and best of all at affordable pricing!

For more information or to find a distributor near you visit: www.baer.com

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8 Responses to “1964-72 Chevelle Big Brakes”

  1. Eric Emond

    I need parts for a 1979 Datsun 280ZX, 2.8
    First I need an interior rear view mirror. 79 is special I guess. Also an Antenna that goes up and down on a switch. May a new stereo system, this one kinda weak. If you can get the mirror, please text back. Thanks.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Eric,

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  2. Tilman Green Jr

    I have a 1967 SS body that had a 396 at one time. My plans are to install a 502 and probably a 6 speed manual transmission with the factory original 12 bolt rearend.

  3. Ron Dreyer

    72 Chevelle I would like 4 wheel disc brakes. Double or triple calipers.

  4. Douglas Willinger

    11″ is not “big”. Should be a 12″ or 11.8″ disc, rather than the larger sizes that don’t work with 15″ wheels.