1964 Rambler Classic 770


Here is a picture of how my 1964 Rambler Classic 770 looks today. She has the original 287 cubic inch V8 and only 96,000 original miles on the odometer. I purchased this great little car 19-years ago and am proud to be only the third owner. This Rambler has been a great cruising car and gets lots of attention on cruise nights, car shows or just a trip to the filling station. It’s a lot of fun to drive a car most people have to take a second look at, as they scratch their heads trying to determine exactly what it is. I am certain the old girl and I will share many more miles and smiles.

Bob LaPointe

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5 Responses to “1964 Rambler Classic 770”

  1. Richard Lewis

    I envy you this clean ride. My High School girl friend had one I loved the seats/bed.