1965 Pontiac Bonneville

I bought this car in 2005 when I was living in Zimbabwe. It was in a used-car dealer’s place for quite some time but was in a fairly good condition when I bought it. I had to sell it when I was transferred to Afghanistan in 2006. However after I sold it, my transfer was cancelled and I continued to live in Zimbabwe. I tried in vain to persuade the buyer to sell it back to me. Yet, I kept asking him to change his mind. My patience paid off in early 2010 when he agreed to sell it to me.

I shipped it to Italy in late 2010 when I was transferred to Rome and is with me since then. I have not registered it in Italy as the European Union law requires it to have amber side indicators at the back, front and the sides.

As this meant replacing its original taillights and drilling holes in the body to mount side indicator lights, I decided to keep the car off the road till I move to the U.S.

However, I start it every weekend and drive around the block. My neighbors come out of their houses when they hear the thunder of its 6.4 liter V8 and watch it glide past! I cannot wait to get it back to the U.S. and drive it around in Texas, where I will be living!

Anith Suvarna

Rome (Italy).

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8 Responses to “1965 Pontiac Bonneville”
  1. Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis

    My true love is any Pontiac from when they had Pontiac engines but have a special place for mid 60’s They will run forever .

  2. chuck jostad
    chuck jostad

    Love those “Pumpjacks”. I’ve had 4 of them, and have 2 now, a 66,and a 65 Bonnevile convertible.Very smooth-always get looks, and thumbs up. They are more rare than chevys & Olds. Keepit! CAJ

  3. Tom Byrnes
    Tom Byrnes

    Interesting article indicates the 65 Pontiac is not driveable in EU without side marker updates. The Republic of Ireland is part of EU and no such requirements are applicable there as car is over 30 years old and as such is an antique.

  4. Phil

    Stunning! The 65 is one of my favorite cars, and he mayfair maize paint! Just classic! Has it returned with you to Texas, and the open road?