1967 Thunderbird

1967 Thunderbird Lead 1967 Thunderbird

I have owned my 1967 Ford Thunderbird for the last 24-years. When the car was under construction, I named the car “Boss Bird” and I drew my inspiration from my Hot Wheels cars “TNT Bird” and “Custom TBird”. The Boss Bird is powered by its original 428 cubic inch engine and C6 automatic transmission. The car also sports a shaker hood scoop that feeds the dual-quad carburetors. It was shown at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago in 2017 and Car Craft Magazine voted it one of the Top 25 of the show. It always draws a crowd at car shows.

I Randy Birchfield
Madison, WI

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2 Responses to “1967 Thunderbird”
  1. David Goetz
    David Goetz

    Beautiful car! I have a 67 also, its silver with a black interior and top. currently restoring it, mainly dents and dings(California car like yours)