1968 Mustang Coupe

This 1968 Mustang taught both of my kids how to drive. For over 10 years it has served to keep my kids safe and for this I did a 2 year restoration to take it from the tired 6 cyl, 4 lug, manual drum brake car it was to the 351W, 5 lug, power disc brake, AC car it is today. Everything has been done from suspension to sound proofing including rebuilt 351w with Edelbrock top end kit, sandblasted to bare metal then epoxy primed to base coat clear coat urethane paint. Upgrades also included all new suspension with the Shelby drop and power disc brakes, new interior, new Kwick Wire 22 circuit wiring, Dakota Digital gauges and the Carbon Fiber wrap on the hood.

Jon K. Harrell

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