1972 Lincoln Mark IV

I have owned my Lincoln Mark IV for 15 years. Its all original except I replaced the vinyl roof and upgraded the ignition system and carburetor to make it more reliable and perform better. I also replaced the tires last year.
The interior is red cloth and is completely original including the carpet and looks like new. Everything still works, as it should, including the A/C climate control, the cruise control and clock. The car rides and runs awesome and draws attention everywhere.
The car came from San Diego, CA. I acquired it with 101,000 miles on it, from a relative of the original owner. Clearly this car spent a pampered life in Southern California and it shows everywhere you look, even under the hood.
Stephan O’Malley Boston, MA
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7 Responses to “1972 Lincoln Mark IV”
  1. Paul Kosower

    Nicely kept Lincoln in great shape. I just found a 1979 Lincoln Continental Coupe with only 23,000 documented miles. It is just gorgeous – burgundy with red interior interior. Ivevdetailed it for about one week. This cars ride is second to none! I also have owned two Mark Vs and one deep red Mark VII.

  2. apl

    Very nice Lincoln. I like this design much better than the Mark III, it is very distinctive. Thank goodness you found a ’71 or ’72, before the battering ram bumpers became mandatory and threw off the sculptured lines.

  3. Randy

    I have a 1977 mark 5 23000 orig miles on it stored in garage since my dad died in prefect shape

  4. dick miller

    beautiful car. I remember those cars and they were eye catchers..enjoy

  5. EastCoast

    you haven’t changed from the original to the HEI ignition, i just got myself a mark 4 i was wondering if there was a reason other than keeping things original, why the distributor cap was kept, also if there’s a HEI you’d suggest for this model i would love to hear which one you’d recommend if any

  6. John Tata

    I owned one (72), left in San Diego with ex-wife, Choc Brown, rode across country, great wheels