1974 Chevrolet Nova


This 1974 Nova was originally brought to the U.K. by a father/son team that source clean American classics and import them for resale. I bought this car in November 2015; it is an unmolested, totally original vehicle, from the factory Lime yellow paint to the Rally wheels, with only a genuine 76,000 miles on the clock from new. As the history goes a lady in Oregon bought it new and did not have a radio or cigarette lighter fitted as factory extras, and kept the car until she passed away in 2014. The interior is a dark green and I intend getting the car re-sprayed this year in Highland green and maybe a new set of wheels. I am entering the Chevy in a classic car show in August, as people love classic American cars, so why not share the enthusiasm.

Rick Wright

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2 Responses to “1974 Chevrolet Nova”

  1. jim prowse
    jim prowse

    Don’t be in a hurry to re-spray it ,,,,,, it is only “original” once !!!,,, seek out a shop that could machine clean/polish/refurbish the original paint ,,, maybe “spot-in” an area or two if you really have to ,,,just sayin ,,,jp

  2. Mark Maloney
    Mark Maloney

    After having to sell my 1984 MCSS on 1992 to accommodate my growing family and getting a mini van. I always missed having it. Years later I found a 1987 MCSS that had a hard life. 4.5 years after a full frame off restoration she is like new. I’ll never let this one go.