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1976 Oldsmobile

Cutlass S Coupe - Sandy Sjogren I grew up hearing the stories of the cars that parents and their friends felt they should have never parted with, or wish they could have back today. In high school my jet black Olds Cutlass was my pride and joy, with it’s matching black interior and landau top.Read More >>

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1941 Ford

Super Deluxe, Convertible - Mike Rick Having owned numerous other hot rods and street rods over the years, when I went looking for this car I was clearly looking for a lager car than most 30’s era car. My wife (Missy) and I, love to drive our cars putting on thousands of miles every summer, and the confines of our previous ’34 Ford proved to feel rather cramped on extended road trips. Read More >>

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1934 International

1-1/2 ton Truck - Mark Simpson Perhaps the best indication a project car has sat for too long, is the number of trees you will need to be cut down to begin working on it. Years ago, I had traveled to the northern edge of North Dakota, and just a stones throw from Canada. My trip was coordinated to pick up an old Hemi engine from Bruce Werven, a gentleman who owns a vintage car salvage business there.Read More >>

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1987 Buick

Grand National - Scott Parkhurst By the late 80’s few cars coming out of Detroit had much to offer in terms of style and performance. The Buick, Grand National was one of the cars that helped fuel the change. While many in America could still recall the gas crisis of the late 70’s, automakers soon found themselves trying to regain the performance in their cars while maintaining good fuel mileage.Read More >>

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1957 DeSoto

Fireflite, 4-door Sedan - Dawn Simpson I have always had a thing for the big finned cars of the late fifties era, and when my husband (Mark) suggested that it was time to build a car just for me, my first thoughts were of owning a ’55 Ford Crown Victoria and preferably in pink and white. We began our search for just such a car, but when I saw this ’57 DeSoto I fell in love with it. Read More >>

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1967 Ford

Mustang Coupe - Pat Hazel My wife (Kim) and I, had been searching for a clean Mustang hobby car for some time; because of limitations on time and space I didn’t want a big project but rather a clean drivable car, we could make some updates on as needed. After driving countless miles across the Midwest looking at cars that never seemed to measure up to what we were looking for, we finally discovered this nice little coupe only a few miles from home.Read More >>

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1935 Chevrolet

Master 2-door Coach - Mark Simpson I have had this car for nearly 25-years, it started as a clean, all original car that had a prior amateur restoration done to it. The body was straight, and rust free, making it a solid foundation for building a quality street rod. I was drawn to the ’35, because it was the only year and model that Chevrolet offered suicide doors.Read More >>

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Tight Fit Steering

Q: While I have owned several classic cars over the years, I am currently building my first real hot rod. The car is a glass bodied 1934 Ford Roadster with a Mustang II front suspension. I have installed a 454ci big block Chevy motor and a set of shorty block hugger headers. Needless to say,…

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