Bolt-In Independent Rear Suspension For ’64½ to ’70 Mustangs

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Heidts Automotive Group announced the availability of the first in a series of new products that combines the quality, craftsmanship and expertise of two industry leaders, Heidts and Kenny Brown Performance. Making its debut at the March 23-24 Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show in Indianapolis is a new bolt-in four-link rear suspension for ’64 ½ to ’70 Ford Mustangs. This is the first product to carry the newly created Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown designation.

This New Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown product combines the best of both industry-leading companies: Heidts superior manufacturing quality with Kenny Brown’s superior suspension geometry. The combined result for this first new Pro G by Kenny Brown is a true bolt-in four link rear suspension that will allow early Mustang owners to get the best qualities and efforts of both companies.

“This type of product is the result of two different companies coming together to design and manufacture a product that brings out the best in both, while once again leading the way with bolt-in suspension solutions for our dealers and their customers,” said Wallace Leyshon, President of Heidts Automotive. “This is just the first in what we know will be a very well-received line of products available through our Heidts dealer network.”

The Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown utilizes Brown’s critically acclaimed Advanced Geometry Suspension (AGS 4.0) for Mustangs. This AGS system has been refined over 25 years of building championship-winning race cars as well as thousands of customer cars that are driven both on the street and on the track.

The AGS design provides superior traction, grip, handling and braking performance, while still maintaining a ride that is suitable for everyday street use. This first new Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown product has been designed for owners who want a four-link rear suspension design that utilizes a solid rear axle.

The new Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown rear suspension also takes advantage of a revised roll center and advanced “anti-dive” geometry. Another advantage to builders is that the new rear suspension configuration will allow the cars to be “mini-tubbed”, providing room for larger tire and wheel packages to be used.

“We see the new Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown being used by a wide range of customers,” said Kenny Brown, “especially on cars that are being built for the growing Pro-Touring segment and for customers who want to enjoy their early Mustangs on the street, at the autocross, drag strip and road course.”

The new Heidts Pro G by Kenny Brown features a fully-welded and boxed frame that is designed as a direct bolt-in for ’64 ½ to ’70 Mustangs. It also utilizes four, heavy duty control arms and can use either a standard Ford 9-inch-style rear differential housing or Heidts’ own extra-capacity fabricated 9-inch third member. The Pro G by Kenny Brown also uses heavy-duty coil-over rear shocks and springs and can be ordered with a wide range of shock and spring rates. The bolt-in solution also comes standard with a heavy duty rear panhard bar, anti-roll bar and is available with a 58-inch rear wheel track width.

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9 Responses to “Bolt-In Independent Rear Suspension For ’64½ to ’70 Mustangs”

  1. Perry Colpitts

    Falcon and Mustangs have some parts that will inter change, would this unit fit or can it be retro fit on at 65 Falcon 2 door wagon? Thanks.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Perry. The quick answer is that no, it won’t fit…although the hot rodder in me says anything can be made to fit, with the right equipment and fabrication skills. If you believe you have what it takes… I would contact the manufacturer directly, as it’s been my experience their tech guys have already explored making the conversion.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Anthony. Because a ’78 ‘Vette already has an Independent rear axle, I am not aware of anyone producing a different Independent axle to replace it with.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Dennis. That sounds like an interesting project; a trike with independent rear suspension. You didn’t mention what you were using for power so I’ll assume you have that figured out. The Heidt’s independent rear setup is a very nice rear axle assembly, although there is a price to pat for all of that quality. Equipped to bolt into an early Mustang, they bring close to $9,000 for the complete assembly. Although, in your circumstance you may be better off with the universal fit version that retails around $7,000. If you’re still having trouble opening up your wallet, you may want to consider a used Corvette or Jaguar Independent Rear axle, as they can be sourced from most salvage yards between $300-$1,000.

      • John McLarnon

        wow, that sounds like a terrific idea, an independent suspension in a trike, truly awesome! Plus, being a retired custom fabricator, this will save a lot of fabrication and aggravation time. I can only imagine that coming up with the proper measurements could be a complete nightmare.
        Yes, and even using the rear end suspension from a Corvette would be a great solution as well.
        Either way, it is a very kool idea and I would love to see the finished product. Good luck and have lots of fun, and enjoy.

  2. Ron Teslow

    Currently installing a complete floor from Thoroughbred on my 66 fastback and am interested in upgrading to a 4 link set up.

  3. Jeff Ellison

    I’m restoring (resto-mod) 1934 Plymouth 4 door (suicide doors, of course). It has a new frame, but it’s like the original (rear springs and shocks). I’d love to update the suspension.