Convert LS Engines to Front Drive Distributors

A new front drive distributor kit from COMP Cams® provides an alternative to installing a complete computer and fuel injection system when trans¬planting a late model LS engine into an older street performance vehicle. The kit is also designed so that racers can now run an LS style engine in classes that require a distributor ignition system. Enjoy the performance and durability of the GM LS series engine with the simplicity and tune-ability of a distributor and carburetor.


With the conversion kit, LS engines are now able to utilize a standard Small Block Ford distributor ignition system and a carburetor with a belt-driven or electric fuel pump. It also allows for timing adjustment and changing of the mechanical advance curve. Kit components include a timing cover conversion kit, distributor, ignition box, ignition, plug wires, crank pinning tool, balancer, and necessary components.

Quick Facts

Street Price: $1159.95 (Base Kit); $2049.99 Complete Kit)

Features & Benefits:

  • Enables use of a standard distributor ignition
  • Allows timing adjustment & ability to change mechanical advance curve
  • Includes all components needed for con¬version to distributor-style ignition
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