Custom Fit Brake Hose

Often car enthusiasts are faced with trying to replicate the OE brake hose assembly. The most common solution is to use adapters on a “universal” #3 JIC brake hose. This approach is cumbersome, looks unprofessional, and introduces unnecessary leak points. BrakeQuip has developed an innovative solution for brake plumbing challenges that are encountered when modifying, restoring, or building custom vehicles. With a custom BrakeQuip hose, there’s no settling for anything less than OE quality. Ensure that you’ll have exactly what you need.

BrakeQuip provides

  • Hundreds of OE-style loose fittings
  • Bulk DOT-compliant rubber and 5 colors of stainless steel brake hose
  • Any desired brake hose length, crimped with the right fittings for a perfect OE fit
  • Every brake hose assembly is pressure tested to 3,000 psi

To find an authorized BrakeQuip dealer near you, visit Now you can have the exact brake hoses you need for your next project build.

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  1. DJ Morrell

    i need a tee thats on the back of a 1936 oldsmobile

    i need the tee on the back of mastercylinder of 1936 oldsmobile

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      I’m sorry to say that we do not sell parts or have a catalog.



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