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Years ago when building custom vans, we used to attach extenders to the crank window crank posts for the handles to work with all of the plywood and shag carpeting. Where can I find door handle extenders today? I made new custom door panels for my car and the window handles won’t fit anymore.


Your problem is not unique to custom vans, I have known many hot rodders that build awesome tuck-and-roll leather wrapped door panels and encounter the same problem. There is a company named “Resto-Mod of Connecticut” that manufactures these. Their store is run through eBay and you can order or contact them through the site. They also offer custom services to make extensions to fit your exact application too.

Do an eBay search for: Window Crank Extension

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  1. Lothar Hurst

    Hi I need to clean out a car petrol tank. I has water in it. What is the best way to clean it out and what is the best product to use. It is out of the car?? THANKS

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  2. Myles Derby

    I am looking for 4 door handle extensions for a 1985 GMC van as replaced the door panels. See there are available in the states, does anyone know where they can be purchased in Canada or somebody who ships here. Thanks in advance.

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