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Looking for specific help on a current challenge, or just want some information that you’ve had trouble finding? Let us know! Our Club experts and editors may be able to help. See below for selected questions from Members, and helpful answers. To submit your classic car restoration question, send a detailed note to us at When you submit your Question, you give us permission to post it on our site.

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Restoration: Getting Started

Q. I’m restoring a 1962 Pontiac Catalina 4 door sedan. This is my first time restoring a classic car and need help with things like what other vehicle would interchange parts. Needless to say, I have searched the web quite a lot and can hardly find any information for the car. I want to replace…

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Adding V8 Power

Q. I found a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger with a slant 6 engine. Can the slant 6 be removed and replaced with a 340 or other V8 without a lot of modification? A. Yes, The 340ci small block MoPar is a great way to add more than enough power to your Swinger. You will need:…

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Thunderbird Missing Springs

Q. I own a 1962 Thunderbird, and when doing a brake service on the car I noticed the manual shows two hold-down springs on each brake shoe. When I pulled the brake drums there was only one on each. Should I have two on each shoe? A. Yes, each brake shoe should have two hold…

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Stolen ’55 Chevy

Q. I had a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door that was stolen from in front of my house on October 22nd of 1968. I have the registration with the V.I.N. from the D.M.V. and a receipt from my insurance company. Is there any way I can find out if the car is or was registered…

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Timing a T-Bird

Q. I have a 65 t-bird with a 390 and I just changed over to electronic ignition. It runs great and starts right up. No pinging or missing. I want to make sure the timing is right but I cannot see a timing mark on the balancer. I found the indicator but no mark. Is…

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Finding a Restoration Shop

Q. I live in the Austin, TX area, and I am desperately looking for a good shop to get my ‘67 Firebird restored. My grandfather bought it brand new, traded it to my dad, and it’s been mine ever since. This was my first car in high school. I really want to fix it up…

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Multi Carb Vacuum Issues

Q. I have a 216 in my 37 Chevy with 3 Holley 94 carbs on progressive linkage. The center carb has the vacuum hook up to advance the distributor. The distributor turns with vacuum applied but there is not enough vacuum from carb I tried it by sucking on line and distributor turns. Would it…

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