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Looking for specific help on a current challenge, or just want some information that you’ve had trouble finding? Let us know! Our Club experts and editors may be able to help. See below for selected questions from Members, and helpful answers. To submit your classic car restoration question, send a detailed note to us at When you submit your Question, you give us permission to post it on our site.

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Scratch-Built Snake

Q. I have been restoring 65-68 Mustangs at my house for 41 years I have done 200 mustangs and kept only a 65 Shelby, which took me 7 years to put together. Now at 63-years old, I have decided I would like to build a ‘65 cobra with my son. Please help me with some…

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Chevy Hubcap Restoration

Q. I recently acquired a ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster Sport Sedan 48-1019 in original condition and in need of restoration. It will not remain ‘original’ due to upgrades and modifications. My question is, one original hubcap came with the car as well as one spare wheel with tire. I am hoping to restore the wheel, hubcap…

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El Camino Interior Resto

Q. I have a 1973 Chevy El Camino and want to completely refurbish the interior and would like some advice and instruction on how to do so. Looking for information on taking care of the rust/old paint and cleaning up the inside of the car to prep it for a new interior. Thank you A.…

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Hardware Under Pressure

Q. I am working on a resto-mod of a 1955 Chevy Belair. I’ve never done it before, so every step of this is new to me. I am using grades 5 and 8 throughout, but have found that no one includes torque specifications with their aftermarket kits. When it comes to properly torquing brake, steering,…

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Tank Strap Cushions

Q. I have a ’53 Pontiac and am replacing the gas tank. The old tank had cloth straps that fit under the metal straps and between the tank and body. Your video for the 57 Desoto gas tank replacement showed no such cloth straps. What purpose did they serve and are they necessary? A. Many…

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Leaking Heater Core

Q. My 1963 Chevy Nova is almost restored. New carpet was just installed. I replaced the heater core once and it leaked on the old carpet after 4 years of use. Is there any place that will repair old cores? Can’t have a supposedly new core leaking on new carpet. A. There was a time…

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Forgotten Pontiacs

Q. We moved into a property that has a couple of old cars that need restored, both Pontiacs, one is a Parisienne and one is a Trans Am. We know NOTHING about cars and wondered if you were able to help us find out how we could sell them and how much they were worth.…

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MoPar Subframe Connectors

Q. If I could, I’d go to auto mechanics school part time to round out my life as a physician. I love working on cars but know very little and I’m very cautious about knowing just enough to get into something to make the situation worse and render my car not drivable! B-body MoPars and…

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Jump Starting Classic Cars

Q. My first car with an alternator was a ’64 Chevy, to jump-start or get a jump-start, we had to unplug a wire…is that still a must do? A. Having grown up in Minnesota, I have spent a fair amount of time “Jump Starting” cars… at 40 below it simply becomes a way of life.…

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