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Classic Car Restoration Club wants you to share your story with us. If you have a classic car, what has your experience been restoring the car? How did you find your first classic? We would like to share your story with the rest of the Classic Car Restoration Club community. Submit your story here and make sure to include some photos.

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Long Road to Excellence

I purchased my 1964 Chevrolet Coupe in July of 1970, from the original owner. It was love at first sight from the moment I saw her, and only grew when I realized she was born with the 327 Special High Performance engine, producing 365hp, and a formidable performer in her day. She came off the…

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The Rise and Fall of a Lincoln

It was a Lincoln, a Continental Signature, with a V-6 and absolutely every power accessory known to man, in Burgundy with a White Leather Interior. In a California early evening one would hit the button on the fob provided with the car, and it would light like a Christmas Tree, Interior and Exterior. And practically…

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Mr. Fix-it’s Corvette Passion

I have always been a “Mr fix-it” kind of guy and never afraid to take on any project big or small. I purchased a 1976 Chevrolet Corvette with lots of problems… but I could fix it. Before I knew it I ended up taking the ‘Vette down to the bare frame. Then rebuilt everything except…

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Drop Top ’68 Cutlass

When I was much younger and having just finished University, I bought a 1968 Cutlass S 2-door hardtop. Unfortunately, there was an accident and the old gal was the worse for wear. Fast forward 50 years and I decided I wanted to restore one. I was able to find a 68 S Convertible and was…

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It Started with an El Camino

I have been a car guy my entire life, I guess it was in our blood as my family owned a auto truck repair business. My first car was a 1973 Chevrolet El Camino, but once the car passion flame was lit it remained strong throughout my life. Pictured are a few of the cars…

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‘37 Pontiac Named Buttercup

I have owned so many vehicles during my lifetime; I probably couldn’t recall them all. However, my favorite ride is still in my possession and that is the story I am going to tell you here and I have titled it a BUTTERCUP STORY. I made myself a promise that when I retired I was…

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Mustang Dream Turned Datsun

My name is Eric and I am 45 years old. I’ve had a love of cars since I was a kid and routinely watched my dad wrench on his cars. My father had a Rambler, a Trans Am (complete with gold eagle on the hood and a T-Top), a Datsun 240 Z and many others.…

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Mom’s Little Hot Rod

This car has been in my family a long time. My dad bought this 1968 AMC Rebel SST with a Typhoon 343 engine for my mom, although she was only 5ft tall. In order to drive the car she had to move the seat all the way forward and then had my father put a…

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Cutlass Call of Duty

I was stationed at Fort Hood back in 1980, Although I had to give up my 1964 Cutlass due to Army Levy to Germany. I wish I still had that car and have been looking one just like it ever since, it had a 330ci. engine 4-speed transmission on the floor with center console, red…

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A Long Wait Corvette

I am a retired 100% disabled (PTSD, Depression, Spinal Surgery) Air Force Master Sergeant. I retired with 22 years on active duty (4 Gulf War tours) and did 13 more years as a DOD Air Force Civil Service employee. It was then that the DOD told me I had to retire due to my PTSD…

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