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Searching out classic car parts is as much fun to die-hard car enthusiasts as a ride in their favorite car. While online auction sites have changed the way many of us search for parts the real bargains take a little elbow grease and legwork. Despite what some believe there are still plenty of classic car salvage yards out there, and finding your next honey hole of parts may be closer than you think. It’s vitally important to be prepared if you’re planning to visit a classic car salvage yard, and a good idea to call ahead to ensure you have a understanding of what you can and can not bring into the yard. Any successful trip to a salvage yard begins with having the right tools along to get the job done, but not so many tools as to slow you down or become a burden to carry. Mark Simpson shares his list of “must-have” tools to carry into the yard as well as a few tools to have ready in your vehicle should the need arise. He also shares a few tips to help make your trip safe and enjoyable.

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