• 17:38

    If you hit the gas and your classic car goes “vroom, vroom”, but you’re still not moving, it’s time for a clutch replacement. Brent Ackley and George Vondriska show you how to take out the drive shaft and unbolt a majority of the transmission on your car’s engine to remove and replace the clutch.

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  • Classic Car Detailing: Cleaning the Engine Compartment

    Classic car detailing has never been easier! Brent Ackley and George Vondriska teach you how to clean the engine compartment on a 1956 Chevy 210. After a reasonable power wash, scuff sand, prime and paint, the engine compartment on your classic car should look ready for the showroom.

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  • 14:12

    Brent Ackley teaches you how to properly assemble a classic car engine at your own pace, with in-depth instructions for installing the crank and cam shafts, inserting the main oil bearings, assembling and removing the pistons and putting the timing cover on.

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  • Overview of the Rebuilt 350 Classic Car Engine

    Brent Ackley gives you an overview of a rebuilt 350 4 Bolt Main classic car engine that can run pump gas and now has 325-350 HP. He starts by sending the engine to the auto shop for close cleaning, measuring, and overall renewal.

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  • 2:24

    George Vondriska teaches how to use a pressurized device to test the performance of your classic car’s radiator system and radiator cap to prevent the parts from leaking. Also see how this technique prevents the engine of your classic car from overheating.

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  • Replacing an Oil Pan Gasket

    Nobody likes an oil drip! George Vondriska shows you how to reach and replace the oil pan on a 1977 Chevy 454. Before recording the video, he drained the oil from the pan and removed the filter to get access to the oil filter adapter. Use these helpful tips presented to replace the oil pan

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  • 1:47

    George Vondriska teaches you how to replace a broken lug stud on your classic car with a hammer and a little bit of force.

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  • Repacking the Wheel Bearings

    Brent Ackley repacks the wheel bearings on his 1966 Buick Skylark to inspect them for wear and damage. He removes the dust cover, cotter key and castle nut to teach you how to take out both the inner and outer bearings for cleaning and then examine and repack them.

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  • 5:18

    In this video, Brent Ackley and George Vondriska teach you how to replace an alternator on your classic car.

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