• 3:55

    Take this Classic Car for a Test Drive

    Hop in the new and improved, Hotchkis performance kitted 1968 327 Camaro with Cam Benty. He takes you on a test drive and explains how much safer and more comfortable the ride is. Not to mention, the classic car looks great!

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  • 3:35

    New Wheels and Tires for Classic Cars

    Suspension is a good first step for improving the handling of a car, but Cam Benty explains how new, better wheels and tires for classic cars can make an even bigger difference. Cory installs the wheels and teaches you about an aspect you might have overlooked otherwise – alignment.

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  • High Performance Front Suspension Installation

    High Performance Front Suspension Installation

    Corey Bedortha teaches you how to install new coil springs, a shock system and a sway bar by tying the rod ends, shocks and ball joints back on the same way he removed them. With the correct parts and lots of lubrication you can have a high performance front suspension on your classic car.

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  • 4:40

    Stock Front Suspension Removal

    Corey Bedortha teaches you how to take out the sway bar and wheels from your classic car to begin your front suspension removal.

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  • Rear Shocks and Sway Bar Installation

    Rear Shocks and Sway Bar Installation

    Corey Bedortha gives a brilliant presentation on installing rear shocks and a sway bar into your classic car. He stresses the importance of making sure you align the shocks correctly and clearly labeling where you will drill your holes for the brace of the sway bar.

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  • 9:22

    Rear Suspension Performance Parts Installation

    Corey Bedortha teaches you how to install Hotchkis rear suspension performance parts in your classic car, demonstrating the process for putting in the bushings, spring mounts, rear shackles and multi-leaf springs. Remember, it is highly important that you apply enough silicone grease when necessary because it will make the car react much faster.

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  • Stock Rear Suspension Removal

    Stock Rear Suspension Removal

    Corey Bedortha teaches you how to safely remove the parts of the stock rear suspension in your classic car, including how to take out the old shocks, rear shackle and leaf springs that will be replaced with new u-bolts. Be careful around the parking brake cable, because without it you’ll be down the road without…well…brakes.

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  • 3:43

    Classic Car Stock Suspension Overview

    Corey Bedortha and Cam Benty jack up a 1968 327 Camaro to get a better look at the suspension. After a thorough analysis, the guys decide that the classic car needs a Hotchkis performance suspension kit, and they teach you all about multi-leaf springs, new sway bars and bilstein shocks.

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  • "Getting a Grip" on Your Muscle Car

    “Getting a Grip” on Your Muscle Car

    Cam Benty takes you for a ride in a 1968 327 automatic Camaro and teaches you about numerous aspects of the car that can help you “get a grip” on your own muscle car. He suggests changing the suspension to performance mode through Hotchkis performance for both racing and safety purposes.

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