• 1:16

    Masking Tape Tips – Aluminum Foil

    Here’s one of the great masking tape tips. Aluminum foil can be a great tool in the shop. Whether you’re touching up paint on the engine or covering electrical components prior to degreasing an engine, its ability to form tightly around even complex shapes will keep it in place until the job is done.

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  • 1:54

    How to Stop Brake Fluid Leak

    Commonly used DOT 3 & 4 brake fluids are notorious for their ability to damage paint. Here’s a quick tip to stop brake fluid from leaking and keep your engine compartment looking its best.

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  • 3:36

    Evans Waterless Coolant Upgrade

    An engine cooling system without water seems like science fiction, but the folks at Evans Cooling are rethinking the way cooling systems work. Water can be a good and evil component in any engine’s cooling system. While it does provide the necessary cooling our engines need its corrosive properties rusts our water jackets, clogs our…

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  • 17:11

    Set Point Gap and Dwell

    Most classic cars do not have electronic distributors, but rather rely on a set of points to trigger the ignition system. Mark Simpson takes a close look at how the points work and explains how they’re installed, then shows how to properly set the point gap and the dwell.

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  • Engine Detailing Tips

    Engine Detailing Tips and Techniques

    The difference between a good restoration and a great restoration is often the attention to detail. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations shares some of his secrets in recreating original stamps, marks and inspection labels. While restoring the engine compartment on this low-mileage ‘71 Boss Mustang factory test car, Bob gives us an inside look at…

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  • 2:31

    Converting Zinc Coating on Nuts and Bolts

    Converting the coating on your bright zinc plated nuts and bolts to a yellow cadmium or black oxide look is a lot easier with some great products available from Caswell Inc.

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  • 19:03

    How to Rebuild a Ball and Trunnion Drive Shaft

    Ball and Trunnion style U-Joints are susceptible to having the boot tear and then compromising the integrity of joint when water and debris enter the joint. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to replace the boot without the need to replace the shaft pin.

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  • 19:25

    Gas Tank Replacement

    It’s no secret that the inside of many vintage gas tanks can hide rust and scale that has built up over years of service. To ensure the reliability of your car, you should consider replacing it. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of installing new fuel level sending units, filler necks and hanging the…

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  • Install of Cruise Control Speed Sensor & Module

    Install a Cruise Control Speed Sensor and Module

    Watch Brent Ackley install a cruise control speed sensor and module on the 56 Chevy. Next, Brent and George Vondriska work under the hood. See how the cruise module goes in and how they connect into the linkage on the existing carburetor.

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