• Tips for Timing the Engine of a Classic Car

    Tips for Timing the Engine of a Classic Car

    Brent Ackley teaches you how to time an engine for a classic car. He explains that all you need is ordinary chalk to mark the timing marks between the harmonic balancer and timing grid.

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  • 2:18

    Upgrade: Aftermarket Cruise Control by Dakota Digital

    George Vondriska and Brent Ackley give a cruise control update overview. They have a kit from Dakota Digital that allows them to add aftermarket cruise control to the 56 Chevy. There are many little parts but you’ll learn that it is not too difficult to install.

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  • 2:45

    Hammer Made Gaskets for Rebuilding Car Parts

    While assisting a master engine builder one day, Mark Simpson discovered he didn’t have the correct gasket for a part of the engine. The builder said no problem, and handed Mark a piece of gasket material and a hammer. Puzzled, Mark asked. “What the heck am I going to do with this?” After a little…

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  • 5:38

    Install a Cruise Control Wiring Harness

    It’s time to do the under dash wiring for the cruise control system. Brent Ackley recommends using the instruction manual to tell exactly which wires need to get tied to other wires. After the wiring is done, Brent installs the cruise control switch and shares why they chose the style that they did.

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  • New Valve Covers and Engine Breather

    New Valve Covers and Engine Breather

    New valve covers on the El Camino have resulted in a plumbing change. George Vondriska explains this change. In this case, the oil fill cap on the El Camino acts as an engine breather. Learn what you may need to know if you have some re-plumbing to do.

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  • 2:02

    Car Air Cleaner Installation

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska are replacing the air cleaner with no breather valve on the El Camino. They explain old versus new and that you need the crankcase vent on one side and the PCV valve on the other side. You’ll find and understand why some things are a little bit different than they…

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  • Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets

    Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets

    Replacing valve cover gaskets has never been easier with the helpful tips provided in this Classic Car video. Brent Ackley and George Vondriska begin by taking off the layers of engine to get down to what they need to repair. Since oil has been leaking, it is important to clean the area before the valve cover is…

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  • 2:58

    Classic Car Engine Overview

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska go over the general specifications of the engine of a 1986 Chevy pickup truck that they plan on putting into a 1956 Chevrolet 150. They talk about getting the motor ready for installation into your classic car engine and show you which parts they plan on putting under the hood…

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  • 3:53

    Classic Car Motor Assembly: Fuel Pump and Water Pump

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska continue the motor assembly process by installing a fuel pump and water pump on the motor of a 1986 Chevy pickup that they’ll put into a 1956 Chevrolet 150. They teach you all of the important classic car maintenance tips and techniques that you’ll need, including how to properly prepare…

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