• 2:02

    Full Car Floor Installation and Finishing

    Add the finishing touches to your full car floor installation with Craig Hopkins. He tells you that the plug welds don’t necessarily have to be ground down, but if you’re going to what tools to use. He uses a cut off wheel with a 3/8th wide rock and 3 inch angle grinder with a 36…

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  • Review & Using Weld Through Primer

    Review and Using Weld Through Primer

    Craig Hopkins gives a review of his preferred weld through primer – Medallions rubberseal RS512. He claims this is the best weld through primer he has ever used despite what others say. See how to apply a thin coat to the bottom of the panel.

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  • Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car

    Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car

    Craig Hopkins quickly teaches you how to use a clamp and a rubber mallet to remove an emergency brake cable from its holding in the floor of a car body.

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  • 5:20

    Removing Hardware from a Car Body

    When stripping the hardware from a car, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to carefully remove each component. Craig Hopkins teaches you how to use a torch and a few hand tools to find and remove screws and other materials that are holding the hardware onto the body of the car. The…

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  • 24:51

    Block Sanding Techniques

    Here is a great technical tips segment for those doing bodywork and getting ready for paint. Learn how to load and adjust sanding blocks and more. Watch as Aaron Hopkins demonstrates block sanding techniques that allow you to get your car as smooth as glass!

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  • 0:59

    Aligning Valve Cover Gaskets With Bolt Holes

    Very rarely do the gasket holes line up with bolt holes when you are replacing valve cover gaskets. Brent Ackley teaches a helpful trick to properly align these holes. Use this method to make sure you have a good seal.

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  • Tip - Window Trim Fuzzy Fix

    Window Trim Fuzzy Fix

    Learn a few helpful tips for fixing a fuzzy window trim piece. Craig Hopkins demonstrates the little things that can be done to help make the window trim lay in the car better. Not only will it make the car look cool, it also helps with the side glass.

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  • How to Sharpen a Chisel

    How to Sharpen a Chisel

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to sharpen a chisel on a bench grinder with ease in this video. To get a single edge chisel, you simply lay it on the stone and create a sharp edge and a cup.

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  • Project Car Buying Advice

    Project Car Buying Advice

    Buying a car to restore may not be as stressful as looking for a new project car, but there are still important aspects to look for. Brent Ackley tells you what areas to examine to get the finished product you desire depending on how much money you want to spend and the amount of time…

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