• 12:54

    Welding Tips: Floorpan Plug Welds

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to create a plug weld while installing a floorpan. You will need to make sure the top pan is dropped all the way down tight on the base metal of the car. It is essential when clamping that you make it both tight and right next to the weld. You…

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  • Vehicle Floorpan Welding Basics & Examples

    Vehicle Floorpan Welding Basics and Examples

    Craig Hopkins provides you with awesome welding basics while he gets you off the tool bench and welds a floorpan into a classic car. He starts by applying a RS512 primer by Rubberseal that will give you a longer lasting repair, and then teaches you how to tightly and safely clamp the floorpan down.

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  • 5:51

    Hanging a Classic Car Door

    George Vondriska walks you through the process of hanging a car door. See what utilities are required and how to properly connect a door to a vehicle. Use these helpful tips for hanging a car door and make sure you have an extra pair of hands before you get to work.

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  • 3:50

    Hanging a Fender on a Car

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to properly hang a fender on a car. Go through each step with George and find out how to hang your fender in the most efficient way. Use these helpful tips to hang a fender on your classic car!

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  • 1:19

    Installing the Hood on a Project Car

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska close the book on their latest project car! They teach you how to carefully install the hood on a 1956 Chevrolet 150, showing you the proper technique for slowly lowering the hood onto the chassis so that you can check its placement and make adjustments before sealing her up and…

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  • 5:54

    Welding Basics: Adjusting Welders

    Craig Hopkins will present more welding basics in this video. Craig with also teach you how to recognize if the wire on a welder is to fast or to slow, how to balance the heat range and wire speed, and where to position your hand when welding. Learn what is happening while you weld and…

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  • 4:06

    Welder Maintenance

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to properly use and take care of a welder. Personally, he likes to work with the gas gauge on 30, but for better puddle control you’ll work on 20. No matter what type of welder you have, make sure to maintain a nice gentle loop in all of the cords…

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  • Welder Selection: Different Types of Welders

    Welder Selection: Different Types of Welders

    Craig Hopkins provides helpful insight into the different types of welders available. He helps you decide what type of welder to buy by reviewing a 110 tap unit and a 220V 175 gas shielded unit. He recommends the 220V unit over the 210V, but discusses how both will get the job done. Just don’t get…

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  • 3:24

    Bench Top Welding Basics

    Craig Hopkins covers the three types of welding basics. He teaches you how to stabilize, distance, and consistently push the bead in a lap weld. For a plug weld, you will learn to start outside the circle and bring it in just licking the edges. Lastly, the butt weld will teach you to move the…

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