• Remove Old Car Floor with Plasma Cutter

    Remove Old Car Floor with Plasma Cutter

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to remove the old floor of your car with a plasma cutter. Make sure to take extra caution to double check that you’re cutting on the right side of the line. There are also safety rules to obey when using a plasma cutter such as there is no debris, the…

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  • 4:25

    Marking the Car Floor Prior to Removal

    Craig Hopkins help you identify the spot welds on the car floor and draw a pattern to avoid cutting anything out of the car that shouldn’t be removed. You will learn how to draw a diagram of where to cut, but make sure to take your time. Also, get a tip about seam sealer so…

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  • Intro to Car Floor Installation

    Intro to Car Floor Installation

    Craig Hopkins installs a full car floor on a Dodge Challenger just the way the factory would do it. You will learn how to properly support and level it on jack stands to keep the car from drooping on either end or in the middle. Also, make sure to put the floor in first then…

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  • 4:28

    Additional Improvements to Your Classic Car by Metal Filing

    Craig Hopkins talks about a tool that he prefers to make the perfect panel – a 9 tooth body file. This sharp tool gives you control to sheer the metal off your classic car. It creates the perfect plane that gives a nice smooth radius. So add a great finish to your corners and more…

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  • Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Front Hood Gap

    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Front Hood Gap

    Craig Hopkins explains why he decides to cut the hood instead of the fender. Find out how to determine where the gap is starting to close as well as how to cut it with a plunge cut. Finish the car repair with some butt welding.

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  • 29:16

    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Right Front Door Gap

    In this video, Craig Hopkins helps you determine if the door or the fender is correct. Once the problem is determined, learn how to add onto the edge of the door as well as removing some of it to get the perfect gap. Use these car repair tips to efficiently get the results you need!…

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  • 33:41

    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Right Rear Door Gap

    Craig Hopkins quarter panel has nice shape, but the door is too tight on the back now. While he provides you with helpful car repair tips, he will help you make the two parallel and on the same plane by fixing the quarter panel height to meet the door plane. You will do this by…

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  • 20:04

    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repair Right Quarter Panel

    Craig Hopkins provides helpful classic car repair tips in this video! First, he resolves a problem of having a quarter panel that is higher than the door. He teaches you how to do this by moving the quarter panel down by making a cut right below the crown line. Craig cuts below the crown line…

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  • 35:52

    Preparing to Attach the Skin on the Classic Car Door

    To prepare to attach the skin on a classic car door, Craig Hopkins shows how to create holes 6 inches apart in the skin with a hole punch. He demonstrates how to stop the door skin and inner structure from racking, and discusses why you should not weld the two until it fits back on…

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