• 6:29

    Inspect and Repair the Car Door

    Craig Hopkins inspects and repairs the car door of a classic car before attaching a new skin. The car’s door hinges had gotten so weak that it started riding on the striker, which Craig fixes with a hammer and dolly. He emphasizes the importance of safety when welding so that you protect your clothing and…

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  • Old Skin Removal on Classic Car Door

    Old Skin Removal on Classic Car Door

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to grind a rusted and old door skin from a classic car door without grinding into the inner structure, allowing both pieces to fold away while keeping the flange on the inner structure. See it, start it, peel it away, but be extra careful when grinding edges and the inner…

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  • 4:50

    Intro and Overview of Skinning a Classic Car Door

    Craig Hopkins gives an overview on skinning a classic car door and discusses a few reasons why you would consider doing this to your car. He starts the process by listing the tools needed for this project, which include an electric grinder with a rock, a wide wheel, an angle grinder, an air chisel, a…

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  • Restoring a Classic Car: Installing Valance

    Restoring a Classic Car: Installing Valance

    You are almost done with restoring a classic car! Craig Hopkins teaches you how to install the valance, the final part of installing front sheet metal to your classic car. It goes on with four j-nuts and four bolts. All you need to do is wiggle the valance to get the right fit and screw…

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  • 30:22

    Restoring a Classic Car: Adjustments and Balancing

    Adjusting and balancing the hood on your classic car can be a tricky part of the restoration process. Craig Hopkins explains how a hood should move and operate and teaches you how to get the perfect fit. He helps you determine if you need to move the hinges up or down and shows you how…

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  • 5:29

    Restoring a Classic Car: Installing the Hinges and Hood

    Installing hinges on classic car doors is a pretty self-explanatory process, but Craig Hopkins teaches you some tricks to make restoring a classic car even easier, such as putting the back bolt in first and then coming to the front bolt. While installing the hinges and hood, you will want to be in the middle…

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  • 12:25

    Restoring a Classic Car: Installing Fenders

    Craig Hopkins provides helpful tips for restoring a classic car in this video. He explains that it is imperative the doors on a classic car are lined up before installing the fenders because that’s what the fenders are going to fit. The control bolt will then set the height of fender to height of door…

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  • Essential Car Tools

    Essential Car Tools

    Craig Hopkins introduces the car tools you will need to install front sheet metal to your classic car. Some of the equipment you will need includes a ratcheting strap, screw driver, wrench, ratchet, sockets, hammer and pick bar. New hinges will also help make the hood fall in the same place every time.

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  • 1:46

    Intro to Front Sheet Metal Install and Necessary Car Parts

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to mount front sheet metals on a car to get rid of a rusty mess. He briefs you on the new car parts you will need such as a hood, fenders, and hinges. You do not need new hardware, but Craig suggests you buy it to save yourself future trouble.

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