• How to Sand a Car: Hand Sanding

    Craig Hopkins explains how to sand a car with a paint stick around the edges without making a flat spot. He uses the water blade to distinguish where to sand more and where not to over sand. You will get an up close look on how to properly sand every difficult area, crease, and edge.

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  • 7:41

    Craig Hopkins prepares you to polish your classic car with 1000, 1500, and 3000 grit sandpaper without scratching the paint, and then shows you the sanding technique with paint sticks, blocks, and a water blade to get the perfect finish. Make sure all of your equipment is clean!

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  • Classic Car Quarter Panel Final and Welding

    Craig Hopkins runs down a checklist on how a car quarter panel should fit on your classic car, including using plenty of clamps and securing it with a final welding and rock grinder to level it out for a perfect repair.

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  • 6:36

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to fit and weld the wheel panel on your project car in the wheelhouse. He uses a spot welder even though a plug weld works just as well for this type of job.

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  • Trial Fitting on the Classic Car Quarter Panel

    Since you will butt weld the new quarter panel to the roof and existing quarter panel, Craig Hopkins teaches you how to remove a quarter of an inch from the roof without cutting through the existing car quarter panel. Then, he’ll apply some weld through primer to the step you just created and rest the…

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  • 12:05

    Craig Hopkins gives you different tips and tricks to help cut down the metal on a classic car panel without damaging the base. You must make sure to push the metal over weld, rather than attacking it, to avoid tearing the base metal. You will also learn how to get spot welds out. Use this…

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  • How to Sharpen a Chisel

    Craig Hopkins teaches you how to sharpen a chisel on a bench grinder with ease in this video. To get a single edge chisel, you simply lay it on the stone and create a sharp edge and a cup.

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  • 6:41

    Craig Hopkins and Randy Bolig take you through a classic car quarter panel removal process. First, they outline with a black marker what they are going to cut out of a 1969 Dodge Dart. Then they use a torch and brush to get lead out of the car, which shows them exactly where to cut.…

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  • Project Car Buying Advice

    Buying a car to restore may not be as stressful as looking for a new project car, but there are still important aspects to look for. Brent Ackley tells you what areas to examine to get the finished product you desire depending on how much money you want to spend and the amount of time…

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