• 10:50

    Using A Hammer and Dolly Set to Remove Dents and Straighten Metal

    Understanding how metal deforms is the first step toward straightening it. Mark Simpson explains the process of using a hammer and dolly set to remove dents and straighten metal.

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  • 6:17

    Hammer and Dolly Maintenance

    The art of metal straightening involves using numerous precision ground hammers and dollies. Mark Simpson shows you how to protect your investment in tools by preventing rust and buildup on the face of the tools.

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  • Body Hammer and Dolly Review

    Body Hammer and Dolly Review

    Learning to straighten sheet metal efficiently take a little practice, however the tools used are relatively inexpensive and guaranteed to pay for them selves. Mark Simpson introduces us to the most common hammers and dollies and explains their use in the metal straightening process.

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  • 3:36

    Cleco Clamps to Hold Panels

    Aligning sheet metal patches and holding them in place to be welded can be challenging. Fortunately the aircraft fabrication industry has solved this issue with the use of Cleco clamps; a blind panel holding system that holds panels tightly in position, yet can be quickly repositioned or removed to allow additional fabrication on the panel.…

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  • How to Use a Shrinker Stretcher

    How to Use a Shrinker Stretcher on Sheet Metals

    A shrinker/stretcher is a valuable tool in sheet metal panel fabrication, as well as fitting patch panels and other sheet metal parts. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to use a shrinker stretcher and how it can be a real time saver in the shop.

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  • Powder Coating Process

    Powder Coating Process: Tips and Techniques

    Powder coating gives you one of the most economical, color-durable, and longest lasting finishes available. Whether you’re coating engine brackets, master cylinders, or valve covers, there is simply no better way to apply a good looking yet tough finish. Mark Simpson takes us step-by-step through the powder coating process using the Eastwood HotCoat powder coating…

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  • Repairing Paint Chips

    Filling and Repairing Paint Chips

    The simple fact is: If you are going to drive and enjoy your classic car, you’re going to get chips and scratches in the paint. Knowing what to do to fix them will take the dread out of enjoying your ride. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of cleaning and repairing paint chips, color…

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  • How to Dye Plastic

    How to Dye Plastic Parts

    Many reproduction plastic parts are not offered in the colors they were originally from the factory, additionally many parts are not reproduced and require us to find salvage parts that may also not be in the correct colors, leaving it up to the restorer to dye the parts to the desired color. Knowing the correct…

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  • 17:28

    Repairing and Straightening Stainless Trim

    Stainless trim is common to many cars from the 20s through the 70s; with a little effort it can be made to look like new again. Follow along as hot rod fabricator Gary Simpson demonstrates the processes of straightening stainless trim and polishing it to a high luster.

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