• 15:15

    How to Rebuild Hood Hinges

    Often overlooked during many restorations, the process to rebuild and recoat hood hinges is fairly straightforward. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to safely remove hood hinge springs, tighten worn hinges and phosphate coat them in the same manner they were with many cars from the factory.

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  • 2:28

    Hammer Forming: An Overview

    Hammer forming sheet metal is one one of the oldest forms of metal fabrication known. Mark Simpson introduces us to the process and and the materials as we begin our air cleaner forming project.

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  • 14:24

    Hammer Forming: How to Make the Template

    The first step in hammer forming metal, is planning out what forms will be needed to get the job done. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of designing patterns and preparing to cut out the form and clamp.

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  • 5:18

    Hammer Forming: How to Make a Clamp

    Building the “Form and Clamp” for our hammer forming project requires just some simple hand tools. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of cutting and sanding to achieve a high quality form.

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  • 42:35

    Hammer Forming: Building a Custom Air Cleaner

    Using basic hammer forming techniques, Mark Simpson transforms two flat pieces of aluminum into a custom air cleaner. Using this process virtually any sheet metal part can be recreated from patch panels to custom center consoles, there simply are no limits.

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  • 1:46

    Tips for Smoothly Grinding Welds

    Grinding welds smoothly can be challenging, Mark Simpson shares some of his grinding tips to help ensure your success.

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  • Lifting a Car Body off of the Chassis

    Lifting a Car Body Off of the Chassis

    Craig Hopkins throws the 1967 Chevy Chevelle up on a lift and uses a set of rocker bars to remove the body from the chassis. He stresses the importance of checking underneath the body as you’re lifting it off the chassis for any caught brake lines or other impediments.

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  • 2:47

    Getting Started with Your Classic Car Restoration

    Craig Hopkins emphasizes the importance of supporting a classic car under its suspension pick up points to make sure it is stable before beginning your classic car restoration. He recommends only doing one panel at a time, and then teaches you how to align the door and replace a hinge.

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  • 1:44

    Classic Car Repair Tools

    Craig Hopkins talks about different specialty classic car repair tools such as an air chisel and grinder, a drill, a hammer and dolly, a dusk mask, gloves, and ear protection that will help improve the car and keep you safe.

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