• 2:26

    Classic Car Restoration: Disc Brake Overview

    Disc brakes are a popular upgrade for many years and makes of cars. The advantages of disc brakes include superior stopping power, improved reliability and greater ease of maintenance. Mark Simpson takes us through an overview of the SSBC brake conversion kit we’ll be installing on our ’57 DeSoto project, which includes everything we’ll need…

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  • 4:48

    Learn How to Replace Master Cylinder Assemblies

    Learn how to replace master cylinder assemblies and install a new one in this Classic Car video. George Vondriska and Brent Ackley take you step by step through the process. Also watch Brent begin to install new brake lines.

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  • Learn How To Bench Bleed a Master Cylinder

    Learn How to Bench Bleed a Master Cylinder

    Bleeding the master cylinder can be done with it in the car but it would take a long time to get all the air worked out. Brent Ackley shows you how to bench bleed a master cylinder by using bleeding ports, attaching little hoses and adding brake fluid. Last step is pumping the actuating rod…

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  • 6:46

    Replacing Brakes and Rotors: Installing the Rotor and Caliper

    We are nearing the end of our project where we’re replacing brakes and rotors. It is time to start putting things back together on the brake job. George Vondriska continues with the brake update by installing the rotor and caliper. Learn tips on tightening castle nuts on wheel bearings and more.

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  • Learn How to Replace Rotors with Proper Preparation

    Learn How to Replace Rotors with Proper Preparation

    Learn how to replace rotors with proper preparation of the rotors by greasing the wheel bearings prior to install. George Vondriska and Brent Ackley show you a way to grease the wheel bearings differently than the way you may be used to doing it. Also learn about a seal seat kit that helps seat the seal.

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  • 4:35

    Learn How to Remove Drum Brakes for Disc Brakes

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska are back to start the brake upgrade. In this video, learn how to remove drum brakes to replace with disc brakes on a 56 Chevy Model 150. Brent also installs the new brackets.

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  • Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car

    Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car

    Craig Hopkins quickly teaches you how to use a clamp and a rubber mallet to remove an emergency brake cable from its holding in the floor of a car body.

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  • 3:55

    Take this Classic Car for a Test Drive

    Hop in the new and improved, Hotchkis performance kitted 1968 327 Camaro with Cam Benty. He takes you on a test drive and explains how much safer and more comfortable the ride is. Not to mention, the classic car looks great!

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  • 3:35

    New Wheels and Tires for Classic Cars

    Suspension is a good first step for improving the handling of a car, but Cam Benty explains how new, better wheels and tires for classic cars can make an even bigger difference. Cory installs the wheels and teaches you about an aspect you might have otherwise overlooked: alignment.

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