• 14:50

    Repairing and Restoring Plastic Parts

    Plastic parts on classic cars are prone to breakage and are often unavailable in reproduction. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to strengthen and make repairs to vintage parts to give them a new look at a fraction of the price of reproduction or N.O.S. parts.

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  • 3:32

    Tips to Searching in a Salvage Yard

    When visiting any salvage yard, success is not guaranteed, although Mark Simpson shares a few of his tips to improve the odds, during a trip to Rohners Auto Parts in Willmar MN. Knowing what to look for and where to look can yield hidden treasures even in plain sight.

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  • 6:26

    Junkyard Etiquette and Common Courtesies

    Much of Salvage yard etiquette involves simply using common sense in how you conduct yourself in the yard. Join Mark Simpson on a visit to Rohners Auto Parts in Willmar, MN as he reviews many of the common courtesies we should use in the salvage yard.

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  • 4:24

    Junkyard Tour

    Every “die-hard” classic car enthusiast has their favorite places to hunt for parts. Mark Simpson shares one of his secret “honey holes” with a visit to Rohners Auto Parts in Willmar, MN. Join Mark as he explores a variety of old cars from 70’s vans to vintage Oldsmobile’s to early 40s Fords, this salvage yard…

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  • 1:42

    Junkyard Personal Safety

    A successful trip to any classic car salvage yard begins before you ever arrive at the yard. Mark Simpson gives us a quick overview of how he prepares for a visit to ensure his time in the yard is safe and productive.

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  • 5:41

    Junkyard Tools and Equipment

    Searching out classic car parts is as much fun to die-hard car enthusiasts as a ride in their favorite car. While online auction sites have changed the way many of us search for parts the real bargains take a little elbow grease and legwork. Despite what some believe there are still plenty of classic car…

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  • Repairing Paint Chips

    Filling and Repairing Paint Chips

    The simple fact is: If you are going to drive and enjoy your classic car, you’re going to get chips and scratches in the paint. Knowing what to do to fix them will take the dread out of enjoying your ride. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of cleaning and repairing paint chips, color…

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  • Headliner Installation

    Headliner Installation

    Installing a new headliner in a classic car can seem a little intimidating to most car guys who are more comfortable with a wrench in their hand and grease beneath their nails. The process is actually relatively easy, and with a little time and patience most car enthusiasts can achieve professional quality results at a…

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  • Plasti Dip Molded Parts

    Plasti Dip Molded Parts

    Restoring classic cars often involves searching for parts that have not been produced in decades. Sometimes you get lucky and that part you need is reproduced or an online search reveals a new part that has been sitting on the shelves for years. But oftentimes, some parts are not available; this is especially true on…

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