• 14:24

    Hammer Forming: How to Make the Template

    The first step in hammer forming metal, is planning out what forms will be needed to get the job done. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of designing patterns and preparing to cut out the form and clamp.

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  • 5:18

    Hammer Forming: How to Make a Clamp

    Building the “Form and Clamp” for our hammer forming project requires just some simple hand tools. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of cutting and sanding to achieve a high quality form.

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  • 42:35

    Hammer Forming: Building a Custom Air Cleaner

    Using basic hammer forming techniques, Mark Simpson transforms two flat pieces of aluminum into a custom air cleaner. Using this process virtually any sheet metal part can be recreated from patch panels to custom center consoles, there simply are no limits.

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  • 1:46

    Tips for Smoothly Grinding Welds

    Grinding welds smoothly can be challenging, Mark Simpson shares some of his grinding tips to help ensure your success.

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  • 1:01

    Tips for Grinding Aluminum

    Grinding, sanding and filing on aluminum can be frustrating with clogged paper and files. Mark Simpson explains the simple use of “Grinder’s Grease” to keep paper and files clog free.

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  • Tip - Window Trim Fuzzy Fix

    Window Trim Fuzzy Fix

    Learn a few helpful tips for fixing a fuzzy window trim piece. Craig Hopkins demonstrates the little things that can be done to help make the window trim lay in the car better. Not only will it make the car look cool, it also helps with the side glass.

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