1961 Morris Minor

Here is a picture of my1961 Morris Minor 1000. The car is a replica of a Panda car, a patrol car for the police in the small towns of Britain.

A 948cc engine, creating 37 horsepower with a 4 speed manual transmission, powers the car. The Morris Minor is very popular around the show circuit in the Vancouver area of British Columbia Canada and never fails to draw a crowd. The interior features original leather seats, single speedo and pull start.

The information on the car states it seats 5 but actually 4 comfortably.

I also have a ‘58 that goes into TV shows such as Charmed, and the movie BFG.

Martin Ross
Vancouver, BC

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5 Responses to “1961 Morris Minor”
  1. Kevin

    I had one a 1960 model about 20 years ago I wish I would of kept it’ an restored it. But I wasn’t but about 13 an didn’t no nobetter

  2. Don McCallum

    I had one of these MM1L cars back in 1968.I was attending a service school at Great Lakes back in those days. Mine was a rag top (literally) and needed a new master cylinder for the brakes which I couldn’t find so I got rid of it in favor of a Volvo 144S. I had no time to restore it then, but some times wish I still had it.

  3. Mike Richard

    1961 engine, xmsn (smooth case); su carb, rear axle w/ brake drums and springs; bonnet (engine hood) some glass, new repair parts, filters, down sizing must dispose. Vanvouver, USA location. Photos available.

  4. Milton Mizenburg

    Morris Minor… Wow. Nice car. My Uncle Eddie had a 57 or 58 back in the 80’s. First low rider I ever saw or heard of. That sucka was sllooww… but one of the coolest cars I remember seeing.