• CCRC 014790f_SS377U_c Doing a Vacuum Check FREE

    A vacuum gauge is a valuable tool in diagnosing problems with your car. From poor performance to bad braking, the vacuum gauge can help you find the root of many problem. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to perform an accurate engine vacuum test.

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  • CCRC 013876f_SS359u_c Timing Advance

    Understanding engine timing and timing advance is important when making decisions on your classic car. Mark Simpson explains the difference between “Initial” timing and “Total” timing, and how to set and check both. Mark also demonstrates the use of a dial back timing light to accurately set timing advance.

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  • Wiring Harness Repair

    When restoring classic cars, often times the wiring harness needs to be restored as also. Before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars ordering a new harness or having one made, consider restoring your existing harness and repairing any issues it may have developed over the years. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations takes us step-by-step

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  • Install of Cruise Control Speed Sensor & Module

    Watch Brent Ackley install a cruise control speed sensor and module on the 56 Chevy. Next, Brent and George Vondriska work under the hood. See how the cruise module goes in and how they connect into the linkage on the existing carburetor.

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  • 007423f_S3373u_c

    George Vondriska and Brent Ackley give a cruise control update overview. They have a kit from Dakota Digital that allows them to add aftermarket cruise control to the 56 Chevy. There are many little parts but you’ll learn that it is not too difficult to install.

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  • 007426f_S3376u_c

    It’s time to do the under dash wiring for the cruise control system. Brent Ackley recommends using the instruction manual to tell exactly which wires need to get tied to other wires. After the wiring is done, Brent installs the cruise control switch and shares why they chose the style that they did.

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  • Classic Car Maintenance Tips: Wiring Harness

    George Vondriska teaches you how to install a new wiring harness under the dashboard of a 1956 Chevrolet 150. He demonstrates each of the essential classic car maintenance tips and techniques you’ll use, including the mounting and wiring of the fuse board.

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  • 004431f_S3219u_c

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska walk you step-by-step through a classic car restoration process of bench soldering dashboard components for a 1956 Chevrolet 150, teaching you how to properly wire the components and connect the terminals. They show you a sample schematic for a standard component, and emphasize that each one will be different, so

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  • Installing Dashboard Cluster

    Brent Ackley teaches you how to install a new dashboard cluster into the front of a 1956 Chevrolet 150. He demonstrates the essential classic car maintenance tips and techniques that you’ll utilize, stressing the importance of taking your time so as not to scratch the edges of the dashboard.

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