Mark Simpson

Spark Plug Wire Organizer

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   3  mins

Organizing and securing the wires in the engine compartment of your classic car is essential for several reasons, and it offers various benefits. Classic cars can have complex electrical systems that can become disorganized and problematic over time. Here are some reasons and benefits of organizing the wires in the engine compartment:

Safety: Proper wire organization reduces the risk of electrical fires and shorts. Old or frayed wires can pose a significant safety hazard.

Reliability: Well-organized wires are less likely to become damaged or disconnected, ensuring that all electrical components of the car function as intended.

Ease of Maintenance: When the wires are organized, it is easier to access and troubleshoot electrical components, which simplifies maintenance and repairs.

Aesthetics: Neatly organized wires improve the visual appeal of the engine compartment, making the classic car look better and more authentic.

Prevention of Interference: Proper routing and securing of wires can prevent interference with moving engine parts or hot surfaces, reducing the risk of damage.

To achieve these benefits, classic car owners and restorers often use wire looms, cable ties, insulating materials, and routing diagrams to keep the wires in order and protect them from heat, moisture, and abrasion. Proper organization and maintenance of the wires in the engine compartment are crucial for preserving the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of a classic car.

In this video we Join Mark Simpson as he demonstrates a quick and easy way to organize the spark plug wires of your classic car. Mark admits he learned this technique years ago from an old race car builder, but he still uses it today to keep his wires cleanly routed and secure.

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