• CCRC 013903f_SS368U_c Unclogging Sandpaper

    When working with body fillers the resins tend to migrate to the surface as the body filler cures. These resins can quickly clog a new sheet of sandpaper. Here is a quick tip for cleaning sandpaper and getting it unclogged. This will have you sanding again without the expense of a new sheet of sandpaper.

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  • CCRC 013066f_S3528u_c Magnetize Screw Driver FREE

    Sometimes you want a magnetic screwdriver. Many brands of screwdrivers are available that are already magnetized to hold small screws in tight places. We’ll take a look at how to magnetize and demagnetize screwdrivers in your own shop.

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  • 012811f_s3504u_c

    Searching out classic car parts is as much fun to die-hard car enthusiasts as a ride in their favorite car. While online auction sites have changed the way many of us search for parts the real bargains take a little elbow grease and legwork. Despite what some believe there are still plenty of classic car… Read more »

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  • 008766f_S3427u_c

    Grinding, sanding and filing on aluminum can be frustrating with clogged paper and files. Mark Simpson explains the simple use of “Grinder’s Grease” to keep paper and files clog free.

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  • At Home Media Blasting-008476f_S3406u_c

    Mark Simpson demonstrates how adding and properly maintaining an at-home media blasting cabinet can dramatically improve the quality of your restorations. He shows exactly what steps you need to know to: maintain the consumable parts, selecting blasting media, safety considerations, preparing parts for blasting and how to protect the parts you don’t want blasted.

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  • Bending and Creating Inverted Flares on Brake Tubing-008473f_S3403u_c

    Cutting, bending and creating inverted flares on brake lines is a necessary skill in building a classic car. Mark Simpson takes us through the process step-by-step, so you’ll be prepared to build your own custom brake lines.

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  • How to Tig Weld: Welding Aluminum

    TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding aluminum can take a little more practice to perfect. Professional hot rod fabricator and welder, Gary Simpson, takes us through the process from preparing the torch and electrode, to correct welder settings, to proper metal preparation and finally the welding process itself. You’ll see first hand how with the right… Read more »

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  • How to Tig Weld-Welding-008462f_S3392u_c

    Identifying and selecting the correct fill rod is an important next step in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Professional hot rod fabricator and welder, Gary Simpson shows us the different types available and explains their differences. He then explains the process to prepare the metal for welding, which includes removing surface contaminates, surface cleaning and… Read more »

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  • How to Tig Weld: Torch Setup

    One of the important first steps in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, is to know the differences between tungsten electrodes, how to properly cut them shorter if needed and how to properly sharpen them before installing them into the welding torch. Professional hot rod fabricator and welder, Gary Simpson explains the differences and what you’ll… Read more »

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