Mark Simpson

Road Trip Wrench Organizer

Mark Simpson
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Typically we all have a small tool bag in the truck of our classic cars, even though they seldom see use. But when you do need them it’s important to be able to find the tool you need and if you’re on the side of an interstate with cars and trucks passing by you’ll want to find that tool even quicker.

Organizing your tools in a tool bag can be challenging, as space is limited and they still need to be very portable. Mark Simpson shares a quick tip to help tame the tool bag with items that may already be in there. Mark points out that a trailer safety pin can be a useful item to have in your emergency supplies, but by making it serve double duty it can help keep your box or combination wrenches in a hand package that can be quickly pulled from the tool bag and easily find the size you need.

When parked along a busy roadway where minutes can seem like hours, we’re certain this is one great tip you’ll be happy to use in your classic or even your daily driver.

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