• Replacing the Upholstery Panel Board

    Replacing the Upholstery Panel Board

    Preparing new upholstery panels for a classic car is an important first step to reupholstering your car. Mark Simpson shares some common options available to you when determining what materials to use. Mark demonstrates his preferred cutting methods for working with ABS panel board materials, as he builds the rear seat corner supports for our…

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  • Headliner Installation

    Headliner Installation

    Installing a new headliner in a classic car can seem a little intimidating to most car guys who are more comfortable with a wrench in their hand and grease beneath their nails. The process is actually relatively easy, and with a little time and patience most car enthusiasts can achieve professional quality results at a…

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  • How to Install Cab Corners

    How to Install Cab Corners

    It’s no secret classic pickup truck owners are often faced with needing to replace the cab corners of their vintage ride. This area is prone to holding dirt and water resulting in rusted out cab corners. Hot rod fabricator Gary Simpson of Outcast Kustoms takes us through the process of removing the rusted area, butt…

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  • Restoring Cast Aluminum

    Restoring Cast Aluminum Parts

    Restoring cast aluminum parts to like new condition can be a challenging process. Simple glass bead or media blasting can leave the parts looking flat and grey. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations shares his secrets for restoring cast aluminum parts to have that “factory new” appearance. Bob takes us step by step through the process…

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  • Installing a Firewall

    Installing a Firewall Pad on a Classic Car

    If you’re serious about restoring your classic car, installing a firewall pad/insulation is one important aspect that should not be overlooked. Original firewall pads break down over time, reducing their ability to block heat and noise from entering your car. Additionally the natural fibers in older firewall pads will give your car that distinctive “Old…

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  • Classic Car Upholstery

    Removing Classic Car Upholstery

    Classic car upholstery will eventually need replacement. Hot Rod Builder, Gary Simpson, explains the need to remove all of the natural fiber materials and soft goods inside the car to rid the classic of that “Old Car Funk” smell. He also reveals how the materials inside the seat breaks down over time, making spring and…

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  • Lifting a Car Body off of the Chassis

    Lifting a Car Body Off of the Chassis

    Craig Hopkins throws the 1967 Chevy Chevelle up on a lift and uses a set of rocker bars to remove the body from the chassis. He stresses the importance of checking underneath the body as you’re lifting it off the chassis for any caught brake lines or other impediments.

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    Photograph Everything Before Restoring a Classic Car

    When it comes time to begin your restoration, assume someone else will be putting the car together and your job is to provide them with instruction on exactly how to do it. That way you’ll keep careful records of every part you removed and photos of it before you ever touched it. It’s easier than…

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    Bag and Tag Your Classic Car Parts

    Planning for reassembling your car starts the moment you begin to take it apart. This simple tip will keep you from scratching your head later.

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