Assessing a Cleaned Car and Racking the Gutted Parts

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Duration:   1  mins

Before getting started on the next phase of a classic car restoration, you should assess the status of your gutted and cleaned out car. Craig and Aaron Hopkins show you the inside of their cleaned 1967 Chevy Chevelle, and reiterate the importance of organizing and racking all the parts that you took out of the car. This will allow you to go onto the next step with a clear mind knowing that everything is in order.

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2 Responses to “Assessing a Cleaned Car and Racking the Gutted Parts”

  1. Randini

    OK. The short, free video titled: “Assessing a Cleaned Car and Racking the Gutted Parts” is a good example of why I am not renewing my subscription. It sounded promising, but delivered little. Nice shot of the gutted interior, but no assessment. And when the Host seemed surprised that all the removed parts were on the rack, why didn’t we get a look at it? The Technician claimed it was all there? Well, how does he organize it? I see the driver’s door hanging on the back, but where are the seats? In one of those little boxes? It seems like this video should have been longer.

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