• ccrc-013127f_s3544u_c-hammer-dolley-demonstration-premium

    Understanding how metal deforms is the first step toward straightening it. Mark Simpson explains the process of using a hammer and dolly set to remove dents and straighten metal.

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  • ccrc-013067f_s3529u_c-soak-spray-can-tips-lacquer-thinner-free

    Clogged spray paint nozzles on spray cans is particularly frustrating when you’re facing a deadline or the can is nearly full and shouldn’t have any issues. Mark Simpson shows you how to prevent your nozzles from clogging and explains why it’s important to keep a supply of clean nozzles ready.

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  • ccrc-013125f_s3542u_c-hammer-dolley-care-maintenance-premium

    The art of metal straightening involves using numerous precision ground hammers and dollies. Mark Simpson shows you how to protect your investment in tools by preventing rust and buildup on the face of the tools.

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  • Body Hammer and Dolly Review

    Learning to straighten sheet metal efficiently take a little practice, however the tools used are relatively inexpensive and guaranteed to pay for them selves. Mark Simpson introduces us to the most common hammers and dollies and explains their use in the metal straightening process.

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  • ccrc-013061f_s3523u_c-cleco-panel-holder-free

    Aligning sheet metal patches and holding them in place to be welded can be challenging. Fortunately the aircraft fabrication industry has solved this issue with the use of Cleco clamps; a blind panel holding system that holds panels tightly in position, yet can be quickly repositioned or removed to allow additional fabrication on the panel…. Read more »

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  • ccrc-013070f_s3532u_c-corbin-hose-clamp-tool-free

    Using the right tool for the right job, ensures the task is completed efficiently and safely. Using a pliers, channel lock or vise grips for Corbin clamp pliers can be a sure recipe for trouble. Mark Simpson shows how this relatively simple tool makes short work of installing hose clamps.

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  • Gauge Plastic Restoration

    Restoring the plastic lenses on your instruments is an easy way to brighten the appearance of your dash. Mark Simpson shows how to properly sand, polish and repaint this gauge plastic to like new condition, saving you hundreds over buying new original dash plastic.

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  • How to Use a Shrinker Stretcher

    A shrinker/stretcher is a valuable tool in sheet metal panel fabrication, as well as fitting patch panels and other sheet metal parts. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to use a shrinker stretcher and how it can be a real time saver in the shop.

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  • Replacing the Upholstery Panel Board

    Preparing new upholstery panels for a classic car is an important first step to reupholstering your car. Mark Simpson shares some common options available to you when determining what materials to use. Mark demonstrates his preferred cutting methods for working with ABS panel board materials, as he builds the rear seat corner supports for our… Read more »

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