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    Removing decals from car and trim tape adhesives can seem impossible without damaging the underlying paint. Gary Simpson demonstrates how the process can be done safely and effectively using a tool known as an eraser wheel. Knowing how to use this tool properly will help you safely remove even vintage decals without scratching the paint.

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    Creating square cuts on round tubing with hand tools can be challenging. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson demonstrates the process of laying out straight and square lines on round tubing and how to cut them.

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    Fish mouthing is a process of creating a weldable joint when joining two pieces of round tubing, while jigs are available to simplify the process, Gary Simpson demonstrates how to create quality fish mouth tube joints using simple hand-tools.

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    Often overlooked, welding metal prep is key to achieving good looking and strong welds with proper penetration. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson, explains the importance of properly cleaning metal and demonstrates how to remove mill scale to create stronger welds.

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    Proper setup of your MIG welding equipment is the first step in achieving good MIG welds. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson demonstrates how to setup your welder, shielding gas, your workspace, and replace consumables on your welder.

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    MIG welders have made the process of welding metal easy for even the novice car builder, but before you turn on the welder make certain you’re aware how to safely use it. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson takes you through important MIG welding safety considerations, equipment and processes to ensure your time in the shop is

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    When doing a complete car restoration, you’re bound to find a few extra holes that have been drilled into your car over the years. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson demonstrates a couple different techniques to properly MIG plug weld to fill holes.

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    There are options to consider when selecting exhaust clamps for your project. We’ll look at a couple of common type clamps and discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss the use of tailpipe sealers.

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    Knowing how to weld different joint types is key to ensuring success when MIG welding. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson explores many common MIG welding joints and thicknesses of material and demonstrates how to properly weld each of them.

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