• CCRC 013108f_S3537u_c Evans - Evans High Performance Engine Coolant

    An engine cooling system without water seems like science fiction, but the folks at Evans Cooling are rethinking the way cooling systems work. Water can be a good and evil component in any engine’s cooling system. While it does provide the necessary cooling our engines need its corrosive properties rusts our water jackets, clogs our… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013876f_SS359u_c Timing Advance

    Understanding engine timing and timing advance is important when making decisions on your classic car. Mark Simpson explains the difference between “Initial” timing and “Total” timing, and how to set and check both. Mark also demonstrates the use of a dial back timing light to accurately set timing advance.

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  • CCRC 013068f_S3530u_c Tape to Remove Upholstery Adhesive FREE

    When completing any classic car upholstery project or simply making small repairs, it is possible to get upholstery adhesive in places you don’t want it. Using solvents to clean upholstery adhesive can sometimes lead to further spreading it out or damaging the finish on your upholstery. Here’s a quick tip to make cleanups easy and… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013874f_SS357u_c Sheetmetal Break PREMIUM

    If you’re serious about classic car metal fabrication, then a sheet metal brake is a great addition to your shop. Mark Simpson explains the function of this useful shop tool, how they’re rated and the differences between a standard brake and a box pan brake.

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  • CCRC 013066f_S3528u_c Magnetize Screw Driver FREE

    Sometimes you want a magnetic screwdriver. Many brands of screwdrivers are available that are already magnetized to hold small screws in tight places. We’ll take a look at how to magnetize and demagnetize screwdrivers in your own shop.

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  • 1469939845001_5444878143001_5380879418001-vs

    Threaded pulling and installation tools can prove to be real time savers and often the only way to get the job done. Using a high pressure grease on the threads of these tools guarantees their proper function and protects them against failure.

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  • CCRC 013696f_S3555u_c Points and Dwell

    Most classic cars do not have electronic distributors, but rather rely on a set of points to trigger the ignition system. Mark Simpson takes a close look at how the points work and explains how they’re installed, then shows how to properly set the point gap and the dwell.

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  • CCRC 013063f_S3525u_c Masking Tapes FREE

    Using the right tool for the job guarantees good results every time. The same is true for automotive masking tape, as there are different types for every task you need them for in restoring a classic car. Mark Simpson discusses the different types of masking tape and explains how to rejuvenate an old roll of… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013064f_S3526u_c Clean & Store Respirator FREE

    Properly cleaning and storing any tool in your shop ensures it will perform properly when called upon. Your respirators are no exception. We’ll look at methods of respirator cleaning and storing them that will keep them functioning like new.

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