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    If you work on classic cars long enough, sooner or later you’ll need to remove rusted exhaust studs. Mark Simpson explains the process to safely remove them using a stud extractor tool and quality penetrating fluids. He also explains the process to properly use heat to release rusted studs.

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  • CCRC 014803f_SS390U_c LED Taillight Challenge FREE

    Car enthusiasts have argued the merits of white LED tail lights versus red LED tail lights bulb. Those that state the white LED bulbs are better in taillights insist they’re just brighter…period. While those that claim the red LED bulbs are better point out that the red taillight lens filters out much of the white

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  • CCRC 014802f_SS389U_c Brake Fluids FREE

    Choosing the correct classic car brake fluid for your classic car can be a little confusing. We’ll examine the most common types of DOT 3, 4 & 5 brake fluid, and discuss their properties and the what you should consider when selecting them for your ride.

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  • CCRC 014800f_SS387U_c Resoration Tools - Getting Started PREMIUM

    If you’re going to restore a classic car or just maintain one, you’re going to need some basic shop tools to get started. Mark Simpson discusses the car restoration tools you need to get started and some helpful advice for selecting the “right” tools.

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  • CCRC 014799f_SS386U_c Syringe Bleeding the Master Cylinder FREE

    Bench Bleeding master cylinder was often a slow and sometimes messy process that often left you unsure if you actually purged all the air out. The process has become vastly faster and easier with the advent of syringe bleeding. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to syringe bleed a master cylinder using a kit from Master Power

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  • CCRC 014797f_SS384U_c LED Conversion PREMIUM

    LED replacement bulbs have become commonplace in the classic car marketplace. Mark Simpson discusses some of the options available and the steps you’ll need to take for your system to operate properly.

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  • CCRC 014796f_SS383U_c Understanding a Combination Valve FREE

    Combination valves are common on most classic cars from the 1960s forward. This valve is often misrepresented as the proportioning valve, however the combination valve actually contains three distinctly different functions. Mark Simpson explains the different components within the combination valve and exactly how they function together.

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  • CCRC 014794f_SS381U_c Brake Bleeding PREMIUM

    The final step in most brake projects on your classic car requires bleeding any air out of the brake system. Mark Simpson demonstrates three common ways to bleed your brake system, including the gravity method, vacuum bleeding and the pedal technique. You’ll discover both the proper techniques on bleeding brakes and some helpful tips.

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  • CCRC 014793f_SS380U_c Locating a Vacuum Leak FREE

    Some engine idle and performance issues can be directly related to vacuum leaks. Loose hoses, missing vacuum caps, cracked hoses, failed intake and carburetor gaskets can all be the source of potential problems. Mark Simpson demonstrates some sure-fire ways to assist you in locating a car vacuum leak in your system.

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