• CCRC 013906f_SS371U_c Straightening and Polishing Aluminum FREE

    Straightening and repairing aluminum trim pieces can seem like a daunting task, although many of the same skills and processes you use to refinish car body panels are also used when straightening trim. Mark Simpson demonstrates the process of removing dents and scratches and returning a luster to trim pieces by polishing aluminum.

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  • CCRC 013904f_SS369U_c Repairing Painted Edges

    A common problem when buffing out classic cars is wearing down the edges of the panels. Mark Simpson explains how to make this type of car panel painting repair, from surface preparation to masking tips to applying a new finish. Knowing what to do and the proper steps to take will make these types of… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013903f_SS368U_c Unclogging Sandpaper

    When working with body fillers the resins tend to migrate to the surface as the body filler cures. These resins can quickly clog a new sheet of sandpaper. Here is a quick tip for cleaning sandpaper and getting it unclogged. This will have you sanding again without the expense of a new sheet of sandpaper.

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  • CCRC 013901f_SS366U_c Electric Choke Conversion

    Many vintage cars use a heat riser tube from the exhaust manifold or intake to the carburetor to operate the choke mechanism. Because these systems rely on hot exhaust gasses to operate properly they are prone to failure over time. Adding headers or aftermarket carburetors can also make the use of heat riser tubes impossible…. Read more »

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  • CCRC 013900f_SS365U_c Thinning Bondo.00_01_46_15.Still001

    Over time body fillers can become hard and difficult to work with, or you may want to thin out your filler to apply a skim coat over a large area. Mark Simpson explains why many body fillers get firm over time and how thinning bondo can return it to a more workable condition.

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  • CCRC 013898f_SS363U_c Make Your own Kick Panel

    The kick panel can take a lot of abuse in classic cars as moisture, dirt and wear take their toll on them. These panels can become so ragged that it’s not uncommon to see them missing entirely. Mark Simpson shows you precisely how to make new patterns for the kick panel. Then explains the different… Read more »

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  • 013896

    Here’s one of the great masking tape tips. Aluminum foil can be a great tool in the shop. Whether you’re touching up paint on the engine or covering electrical components prior to degreasing an engine, its ability to form tightly around even complex shapes will keep it in place until the job is done.

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  • CCRC 013630f_S3554u_c LeBaron Bonney - Seat Cover Install - SPONSORED

    LeBaron Bonney has been considered the authority on early Ford, Lincoln and Mercury interiors for decades. Although they have continued to expand their list of offerings with the acquisition of Hampton Coach and EZ Boy Interiors, but it doesn’t end there their Custom Shop, can create a complete interior tailored for your individual taste. Join… Read more »

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  • 1469939845001_5483893121001_5483891758001-vs

    Auto manufacturers often used expensive equipment to staple rubber seals and automotive weather stripping to body panels. Mark Simpson takes us through the process of adhering rubber seals and the procedure to duplicate the original styled staples using stainless steel safety wire.

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