Ross Kiehl & Terry Wright

Ross Kiehl’s 1968 Chevelle SS

Ross Kiehl & Terry Wright
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Many consider the GM A-body the grandfather of the “Muscle Car”, gaining this distinction with the introduction of the 1964 Pontiac GTO a mid-size sedan with over the top horsepower. This marked the beginning of the Muscle Car era and the horsepower wars that would grip Detroit for a decade. But Chevrolet wasn’t going to sit back and let Pontiac get all the action and in 1964 Chevrolet introduced the Chevelle SS (Super Sport).

The Super Sport (SS) package was introduced in 1964 as an option for the Chevelle. It included performance-oriented features such as a stiffer suspension, larger tires, and various V8 engine options. However, the early SS models were not as powerful or aggressive as the later versions. The 1968 model year marked a significant redesign for the Chevelle. The car received a more aggressive and streamlined appearance, featuring a fastback-style roofline and a distinctive front grille. These changes were part of Chevrolet’s effort to keep up with the competition in the muscle car market.

One of the most critical aspects of the 1968 Chevelle SS was the availability of powerful V8 engines. Buyers could choose from a range of engine options, including the 327 cubic inch (5.4-liter) V8, the 396 cubic inch (6.5-liter) V8, and the range-topping 427 cubic inch (7.0-liter) V8. These engines produced varying levels of horsepower, with some models producing well over 400 horsepower.

The 1968 Chevelle SS was known for its impressive performance on both the street and the racetrack. It was a popular choice among drag racers and enthusiasts due to its powerful engines and excellent handling characteristics. Many Chevelle SS models found success in various motorsport events, solidifying their reputation as high-performance muscle cars.

The 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS has maintained its popularity among collectors and enthusiasts. Its combination of classic styling and potent V8 engines has made it a sought-after classic car. Well-preserved and restored examples of the 1968 Chevelle SS, especially those with the more powerful engine options, can command high prices in today’s collector car market.

We’ve seen a lot of Ross Kiehl’s 1968 Chevelle SS on numerous builds in the Classic Car Restoration Club shop, so when we met up with fellow member Ross Kiehl at a local car show we took the opportunity to take a closer look at this great ride and learn a little more about their shared history.

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