• ccrc-013067f_s3529u_c-soak-spray-can-tips-lacquer-thinner-free

    Clogged spray paint nozzles on spray cans is particularly frustrating when you’re facing a deadline or the can is nearly full and shouldn’t have any issues. Mark Simpson shows you how to prevent your nozzles from clogging and explains why it’s important to keep a supply of clean nozzles ready.

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  • ccrc-013125f_s3542u_c-hammer-dolley-care-maintenance-premium

    The art of metal straightening involves using numerous precision ground hammers and dollies. Mark Simpson shows you how to protect your investment in tools by preventing rust and buildup on the face of the tools.

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  • Gauge Plastic Restoration

    Restoring the plastic lenses on your instruments is an easy way to brighten the appearance of your dash. Mark Simpson shows how to properly sand, polish and repaint this gauge plastic to like new condition, saving you hundreds over buying new original dash plastic.

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  • ccrc-012909f_s3518u_c-plastic-interior-parts-repair-premium

    Plastic parts on classic cars are prone to breaking and often unavailable in reproduction. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to strengthen and make repairs to vintage parts to give them a new look at a fraction of the price of reproduction or N.O.S. parts.

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  • How to Use a Bead Roller

    When fabricating sheet metal parts using a bead roller can add strength to the panels and return new parts to a factory look. Join Mark Simpson in this introduction to beadrolling as he demonstrates how to use a bead roller to roll flanges and beads.

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  • 012818f_s3511u_c-junkyard-etiquette

    Much of Salvage yard etiquette involves simply using common sense in how you conduct yourself in the yard. Join Mark Simpson on a visit to Rohners Auto Parts in Willmar, MN as he reviews many of the common courtesies we should use in the salvage yard.

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  • 012816f_s3509u_c-junkyard-tour

    Every “die-hard” classic car enthusiast has their favorite places to hunt for parts. Mark Simpson shares one of his secret “honey holes” with a visit to Rohners Auto Parts in Willmar, MN. Join Mark as he explores a variety of old cars from 70’s vans to vintage Oldsmobile’s to early 40s Fords, this salvage yard… Read more »

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  • Plasti Dip Molded Parts

    Restoring classic cars often involves searching for parts that have not been produced in decades. Sometimes you get lucky and that part you need is reproduced or an online search reveals a new part that has been sitting on the shelves for years. But oftentimes, some parts are not available; this is especially true on… Read more »

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  • Engine Detailing Tips

    The difference between a good restoration and a great restoration is often the attention to detail. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations shares some of his secrets in recreating original stamps, marks and inspection labels. While restoring the engine compartment on this low-mileage ‘71 Boss Mustang factory test car, Bob gives us an inside look at… Read more »

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