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    Threaded pulling and installation tools can prove to be real time savers and often the only way to get the job done. Using a high pressure grease on the threads of these tools guarantees their proper function and protects them against failure.

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  • CCRC 013063f_S3525u_c Masking Tapes FREE

    Using the right tool for the job guarantees good results every time. The same is true for automotive masking tape, as there are different types for every task you need them for in restoring a classic car. Mark Simpson discusses the different types of masking tape and explains how to rejuvenate an old roll of… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013064f_S3526u_c Clean & Store Respirator FREE

    Properly cleaning and storing any tool in your shop ensures it will perform properly when called upon. Your respirators are no exception. We’ll look at methods of respirator cleaning and storing them that will keep them functioning like new.

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  • CCRC 013518f_S3552u_c Acid Etching PREMIUM

    When restoring a classic car or building a custom car, there are times when you need to create items that are no longer available or to create something that is totally unique to your car. Acid etching non-ferrous metals gives the car restorer many options to get creative with your classic. Mark Simpson takes us… Read more »

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  • CCRC 013073f_S3535u_c Easy Hose Install FREE

    Assembling new radiator and heater hose can be difficult as the fresh rubber binds on fittings and resists sliding. Using a high quality silicone lubricant can take the frustration out of assembly.

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  • CCRC 013069f_S3531u_c Binder Clip Fender Cover FREE

    When working on the engine of your classic car, protecting the paint on your fenders should never be overlooked. Many auto shops have heavy padded rubber fender covers as standard fair, but these can pick up dirt that is later ground into the finish of your ride, when draped over the fender. Using clean shop… Read more »

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  • ccrc-013121f_s3538u_c-plasma-cutter

    What is a plasma cutter? The plasma cutter has replaced the oxy-acetylene torch (gas axe), for many applications and has proven itself capable of making precise and intricate cuts even on thicker plate metals. Mark Simpson introduces us to the setup, safety, and function of this valuable shop tool.

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  • ccrc-013062f_s3524u_c-picking-up-metal-shavings-free

    Picking up metal shavings can be a real chore in the shop, and if left unchecked they seem to end up everywhere. So in this lesson, Mark Simpson shares one of his shop tips to make short work of all those pesky chips and metal shavings.

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  • ccrc-013067f_s3529u_c-soak-spray-can-tips-lacquer-thinner-free

    Clogged spray paint nozzles on spray cans is particularly frustrating when you’re facing a deadline or the can is nearly full and shouldn’t have any issues. Mark Simpson shows you how to prevent your nozzles from clogging and explains why it’s important to keep a supply of clean nozzles ready.

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