Craig Hopkins

Using a Chisel to Strip Metal from a Car Body

Craig Hopkins
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Duration:   6  mins

Craig Hopkins teaches you how to utilize a chisel when working on the door jamb of a stripped car. He demonstrates a few essential tips and techniques for properly using a chisel to peel a quarter-panel away from the door jamb in order to get the metal down to single plane. By doing this, you make the metal more pliable and easier to bend.

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6 Responses to “Using a Chisel to Strip Metal from a Car Body”

  1. jeff

    From the video and the comments, I'm confused. Have the spot welds been drilled before using the air chisel or is Craig "tearing" the spot welds as he separates the metal?

  2. Gregg

    Love that action and the chisel...who is the manufacturer of the pneumatic chisel impact tool...clearly the chisel is very sharp and the old steel is like butter! Also, I paid for membership (I think last year) and you ask again...

  3. hammer

    <strong>Ticket# 15777 So that first piece of metal you took off was not spot welded to anything, was it?

  4. Hammer

    Would you not drill out the individual spot welds and separate the pieces after that?

  5. Keven

    The camera work here is really bad. I can't see much of what he's doing. This series would be drastically improved with some better camera work showing more of the action.

  6. Charles Holmes

    Why not use a combination of drill bit for spot welds and air chisel?

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