Mark Simpson

Power Grip Hose Clamps

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   5  mins

Hose clamps have remained largely unchanged in design since nearly the dawn of the automobile. However, the Power Grip hose clamps provide a new twist on hose clamps, using a heavy gauge heat shrinkable material these clamps get the job done. Not only do they clamp well they adjust their tightness every time the engine get hot and won’t dig into your hoses like metal clamps will. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to install them and how to remove them too.

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2 Responses to “Power Grip Hose Clamps”

  1. randy

    A heat gun on the side of the road? ok so a regular clamp uses a regular screwdriver but this clamp needs a heat gun and a portable soldiering unit??? Looking to save time and work not create more!

  2. darrin hefner

    not a useful product.. what do you do on the side of the road???? clamps are way more practiacal

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