Gary Simpson

MIG Welding Metal Prep

Gary Simpson
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Duration:   1 mins

Often overlooked, welding metal prep is key to achieving good-looking and strong welds with proper penetration. Metal fabricator Gary Simpson explains the importance of properly cleaning metal and demonstrates how to remove mill scale to create stronger welds.

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4 Responses to “MIG Welding Metal Prep”

  1. Gary

    What about respiratory protection? Just as important as eye protection. Also run grinder oriented going off edge of metal. His method of going onto the edge can catch and damage the disk. You need to realize some people watching these videos need all instructions to be correct not just vague recommendations.

  2. Michael Grentus

    Do you have a prt number & where you purchased the rust buster wheel on the grinder in the video?.

  3. Thad J Rodgers

    Please leave a product number of tools used on clips. Where to get RustBuster and product number used in this clip? I hate mill scale removal!

  4. Tim Barrett

    In terms of surface preparation for welding, does sandblasting adequately prepare the metal to weld? I know that “metal in white”, freshly blasted metal, is usually ready for priming and painting, but should I grind the welding surfaces after pieces come out of my blast cabinet? Thanks, Tim

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