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Impact Wrench Scissors Jack

Mark Simpson
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Having a flat tire on the side of a busy road can strike fear into the heart of many classic car enthusiasts. The thought of crawling under your car or bending over to change your tire while semi-trucks sail by just a few feet away is a little terrifying. But planning is the key to getting your ride off the side of the road in short order.

Of course it’s a good idea to make certain your car has plenty of air in the spare tire and that you have the correct wrenches for the lug nut, locking lug nuts and hubcap removal. But before you can get your old tire off you’ll need to get your car in the air. Choosing a jack that works well with your car is the first step.

Some enthusiasts prefer the old standard bumper jack, but really those things were never that great in the day and proved to be just a little dangerous, not to mention they are also likely to scratch your chrome, twist your bumpers or even tip over damaging your car. Keep your old jack for originality at the car show but have an alternative in the trunk for those emergencies.

One popular alternative is the bottle jack. While these jacks are relatively compact in size, they do add to the weight in your trunk with their sturdy yet heavy design. Perhaps more importantly they take a fair amount of time to jack up and in heavy traffic or poor weather conditions even a little extra time can seemingly take forever.

A favorite of ours is the tried and true scissors jack. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect match for the trunk of a classic car. Many of the jacks available come with nifty handles to crank them up but Mark Simpson shows us how to make these great Scissors Jacks a lot better with the help of a cordless impact wrench.

It seems cordless impact wrenches keep getting lighter and better all the time, and the latest generation are smaller and stronger than ever before making them a must have addition to your emergency roadside repair kit to make short work of stubborn lug nuts. But with the right socket this great little tool turns your scissors jack into a real lifting machine to get you off the side of the road in record time.

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